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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - RPG games with insane random encounters?


Final Fantasy 7 remake should be

Turn based RPG 39 67.24%
Action RPG 19 32.76%

Again, why is this in Nintendo Discussion? Nintendo's not the only RPG publisher to do insane random encounters.

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I can take them or leave them. Octopath Traveler was find with them, but there is also something to be said about Persona 5's approach as well.

Then agaib, I grew up in that golden age of Final Fantasy, so I am used to it.

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I don't mind random encounters at all, but you can't make the encounter rate too imbalanced.

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Random encounters can be extremely tedious when they're too frequent. I don't have a problem with them per se, though I prefer having the enemies visible as it gives more strategic options, but I enjoy exploring levels and trying to find all treasures and secrets, and nothing kills the excitement of exploration as effectively as constant interuption by battles (especially in combination with slow battle systems and long transitions). Forced battles isn't exclusive to games with random encounters but unless other games have ridiculous spawn rates and enemy density you will at the very least be able to clear a path through or sneak around the enemies.

Tales of Phantasia is a good example of a game where the encounters can ruin the experience. It's not a bad game as far as I'm concerned but it did take me several attempts before finishing because the encounter rate made me lose interest and eventually stop playing.

i wasnt sure when i first got into this thread, but yeah, i can agree FFX was terrible at times with bullshit random encounters, 3-5 steps and battle music starts. I still liked it, but it was a bit over done at times, i can agree with that.


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Yep, let's make a unique genre streamlined into something the west likes because fuck diversity. We already had an atrocity called FFXV, we don't need that again.

That said, I wouldn't mind action gameplay for the remake. It's a remake after all, they can do with it whatever they want. The original sucked anyway so it can only go up from here.

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I'll say it one more time. Why is this in Nintendo Discussions?

Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled. Great story, graphics and all, but the random encounters are way way WAY too often, like two steps- encounter.

John2290 said:
Action RPG but with elements akin to the systems found in FF online and yep, I can't replay or at least get very far into the older FF's because of the 5 steps, random battle, 5 steps, random battle, 5 more steps, another random battle with the same enemies... I mean are they really random when they are sure to pop up everytime you move on the map...

Yeah i know, 8bit 16bit and 32bit rpgs are notorious for their random encounters and baffling difficulty. FF games are pretty easy and the story and characters are usually good which is why they keep me going.

Yerm said:
well, i suppose it is true that cave areas are always the most dreaded part of pokemon games.

Those darned Zubats! 

Dango_ said:
Always stick to your source material as a remake, in my opinion.

I like turn-based when it's interesting. (Mario & Luigi, Paper Mario, Deltarune, etc.)

In most cases it works but then there are games like FF2 which already had a broken system and kept this system in it's remake and it still got flak for it. FF8 is another game which has a terrible system and should be improved upon if they ever remake it in my opinion.

ironmanDX said:
I have no problem with random encounters. Help you grind early game and if you back track and are quite overlevelled, there are items in most games that... Repel the encounters.

Yes, while some of them don't help much like the holy bottles in Tales of Phantasia

COKTOE said:

This is a difficult one for me to gauge. I can't stress enough how much I hated the random battles in FF VII. I never finished it. Sold it, and used the money from the sale to buy weed. It's absolutely the most hated example of random battles making a game suck I can reference. And it's not something I'm unfamiliar with. I found them tolerable in FF VI on the SNES. I think the difference was at least partially found in the loading times. One of the many things I loved about FF XIII ( #iloveyouall ), was the fact that battles weren't random at all. Sure, they could be forced on the player to some degree, but at least you could fight for your right to not fight.

I think that as long as the characters and story around them are interesting then random encounters can be somewhat tolerable if theyre not insane like in ToP, otherwise forced random encounters are really not neccessary in 2018.

Sure, go ahead, ignore my very simple question again and again, leaving us with no clarity as to why this is in Nintendo Discussions.