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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Disc-less XB1 Releasing In 2019

Snoopy said:
Errorist76 said:

Full digital is out of the question, unless they want to risk another shit storm and fail at the beginning of the gen. 

Everyone will go full digital in the future, it's inevitable. I see game stops closing shops all around my area (used to have 5, but now we only have 1).

No idea where you live but unless you want to exclude a huge part of gamers on this planet, digital will not be for everyone..especially at games with 100 and more Gigabytes. Not even in the US or Germany.

Those shops are most likely closing because of online stores anyway.

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its not the model i will be buying.


I am okay with there being digital-only SKU's. It makes sense... A BD-XL drive isn't exactly super cheap either. - You are looking around the $70USD/$120 AUD for a BD-XL Rom drive. (Obviously Microsoft will get a discount, probably around to the $50 USD per unit mark?)

So that should hopefully lower the cost of entry.

For me personally? No chance in hell. I have hundreds of games on Disk, I am not about to Alienate my collections spanning multiple consoles when the consoles feature or may feature backwards compatibility.

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This, and next gen are going to be really interesting to say the least. We could be witnessing the beginning of the end of Gamestop, Game, etc.

Hopefully it flops really hard and scares Sony and Nintendo from doing the same.

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It's actually a very interesting idea, let's see how the market will react to this. I just really hope that this won't replace the casual consoles and only stays as an alternative.

I don't see why anyone is excited about this. If you wanted a discless console, why don't you just superglue your drive shut?

Thats how i currently use my consoles and pc so i dont see why not, you old folks get with the times

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I think this console would appeal more to late buyers who will want a lot of Xbox Live Arcade titles rather than current Xbox owners who already own the system. The system has so many classic Sega arcade games, classic arcades games and compilations from other companies, backward compatible Xbox and Xbox 360 games and more. This is one are where I think Xbox One outdoes the PS4. I don't think potential buyers would use the console exclusively for that purpose, but if many of them already have a PS4, that would most likely remain as their main platform. I would like to know how much storage this thing has.

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Bandorr said:
Don't understand this what so ever.

First if you already have an XB1 - why would you get a disc less one?
Why would you have a pile of physical games if you don't already have an XB1?

The xb1's that cost $300 usually come with a game. So will the $200 ones come with a game?

Plus you can easily wait for a discount on the XB1, and XB1s for them to drop to $200 or lower.

So what do you gain by giving up an option of using discs?

I have two XBones, but I'd like a third one to put in the bedroom strictly for Destiny and Forza.  Those two games are the only ones I get digitally, because I go back to them over and over again for years and I don't want to have to worry about disks.  So, if I could get one on the cheap, a disk-less XBone could get me to triple dip.