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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What do you think of RDR2 so far? (for those who are playing it)

Simply the best game ever made (even though I haven't finished it yet).
No other game has as much work and attention to detail put into them as this. Everything works like it would in real life and you can do almost anything that you could do in real life. You can for example hijack a horse by riding next to it and jumping on it. Or you can fall from your horse if you hit a tree pranch. And the animations couldn't be any better/more life-like.
One of the best things about this is the wildlife/animals (the map is also the best ever, especially the forests, which look unbelievable). There are around 200 different animals and they behave like they would have the AI of real animals. So this game also works as a hunting simulator.
This is the most captivating game that I have ever played. It also looks so good that it could easily be a next-gen game. It will be almost impossible for future games to surpass this.

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John2290 said:

It reminds me of RDR1 mixed with the systems or Kingdom come deliverance and somehow BoTW vibes are coming through all of that, not surr why but it's a good way and not an negative. Oh, and there is a heavy feeling of the witcher 3s influence here in world and mission design. A sort of feeling of more choice than there actually is.

My take is RDR1 + Witcher 3 characters+ TloU like formula.

Finished prologue, go deep into open world.

One of my friends randomly found a dead body with the letter to Bonnie Macfarlane. Actually he kindap a train, fought the trail/bountyhunters, enjoy vistas, go out and this.

Now im trying to check its true, will update later.

Got to the 2nd chapter, played for around 3-4 hrs, and all I can say is, can't wait to get back on it tomorrow, this is one of the games that has great animations, and the little details is so good that people find it a chore, so unfortunate.


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I love it, played it for 9 hours straight on launch. One of the best games I've ever played.

AMAZING. It's honestly making Zelda BOTW look completely obsolete a year after it's release.


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contestgamer said:
AMAZING. It's honestly making Zelda BOTW look completely obsolete a year after it's release.

I still haven't played BOTW yet, i hope this game doesn't ruin my experience. 

I lost my hat in a fight, now im hatless 😂😂

Enjoying so far... clunky as hell... but hey thats rockstar.

Not really doing a lot, still trying to understand what I'm supposed to do.....

Favourite part so far is going to town with Lenny... has to be one of the greatest game sequences I've seen since wolfenstien.

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Simply the best open world game i have ever played. Graphics, animation, detail, gameplay just simply astonishing.

really good so far. characters seems a little stiff and it started off a little slow than i'd liked.. But I love the hunting and the animals