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CGI got stuck doing his Destiny 2 Daily Bounties

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I noticed recently the xb1 is selling more in Europe some weeks then the US. Surely that's not right. Surely it sells less in the EU then NA.

Kerotan said:
chakkra said:

PS4 Not showing any signs of slowing down.  And there is still people who says that PS5 should come next year...

And I think a permanent price cut for the X1 family is long overdue.

I know I call people crazy who even suggest ps5 in 2019. Sony would be nuts to replace a profitable monster still selling gangbusters at a high price. 


Is there any point for Microsoft? They are already cheaper then the playstation and Sony have a machine that is long over due a permanent cut that's cheaper then xbox to produce id guess. So if they cut the price trying to catch Sony, they could end up falling even further behind and for less profits. 


I get the feeling Sony could have cut the price a year ago but figured what's the point when Microsoft didn't. I can see a temporary bundle to 200€ and then a permanent cut early next year. 

Totally agree with you there and I actually think that that's exactly the main reason why they haven't done it yet. But I think they're getting to a point where they simply won't have much choice. Besides, Sony doesn't seem to be in much of a hurry to enter into  price war.

And also, they keep putting their services as the front and center of their business strategy. Well, the way I see it, people are not going be able to subscribe to your service if they don't have the hardware to run it in the first place (I mean, I know they're working on the Xcloud thingy but still..).

I actually think they're gonna make the price cuts permanent after they holidays.  I guess we'll have to wait and see

Sooo, this is FIFA week AND PS4 is getting a bump from being under tracked during the previous weeks of the Spider-Man launch? Anyways, a pretty nice pounding this week. The gap is being stretched further by enlarged PS4 numbers.

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Switch actually improved when compared to last week, that's great.

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"everyone who wants FIFA already has a ps4" year 4?


pastro243 said:
"everyone who wants FIFA already has a ps4" year 4?

Having 2 PS4s to play FIFA on > only having 1 PS4 for FIFA. I guess?

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Xbox sells more in europe than the americas? That can't be right.

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