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Forums - Movies Discussion - It's official: Sony plans to butcher Carnage next, confirms it will be PG-13

13 years old are pretty hardcore nowdays!

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Sony is a good movie studio, it is not elite however. The way PlayStation and bravia were buffed its time to fix movie studios in the company. Violence for venom and carnage should of been a no-brainer...

snyps said:
Just like how games make bad movie spinoffs. Game companies make bad Spider-Man movies

To be fair, Sony didn't start as a game company, and while they make a big portion of their profit off it they are still more than gaming as a brand. 

So yep, Carnage is absolutely fucked now, el oh el @ making it PG-13, that's like making a PG-13 Nightmare on Elm Street. Granted, I don’t have much faith in this being good either way from Sony, but a PG-13 Carnage sure as hell won’t work with Sony involved. I don’t even want Marvel touching it if they’re not gonna use him properly,  let alone the fuckers at Sony, which can only be done with an R rating.

It confuses me how Sony can have such an amazing games division and such a terrible film division. The people in charge of these divisions are different, but ultimately they have the same overseer.


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Venom was fun :)

If anyone ever "felt" for Carnage, they should be locked up. He is definitely not a character you're supposed to feel for. I don't know who they're trying to fool with that line.

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Critics hate it, but fans love it.

PwerlvlAmy said:
Sony really should stop making movies. I'm just saying this as someone who is biased though,every movie ive seen that they have churned out has been atrocious. Sony king of gaming, toilet of movies :(

we'll wait and see though, gotta see the first screenshots and first trailer.

I want to see them try their hand at an Uncharted movie. If they can't get that right, they should definitely stop with movies.

Ironic that Sony has made a ton of great films and tends to have an oscar nominated film nearly every year....but hey I wouldnt expect people here to know what they are talking about..... all people seem to watch are blockbusters and mcu films

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