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Forums - Sales Discussion - Is Nintendo Switch really a success?

Another Rol thread, another good day on VGC !

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Veknoid_Outcast said:
pokoko said:

That's pretty simple, though, isn't it?  I think most newcomers to VGC believe that trolling isn't allowed.  They don't yet know that it's not only allowed but often encouraged, as long as it's done a certain way.  Probably depends on who is doing it, as well. 

I remember being confused by this when I first came here.  There was a troll thread where the people replying to the troll were getting banned left and right but not the person trolling.  In fact, mods were in the thread showing support for the OP.  I always thought that was messed up.  If a troll thread is going to be allowed then there should be a lot more leeway given within that thread.  That was a long time ago, though, and I haven't noticed much of that in awhile.

Joke and satire threads have a long and glorious history on VGChartz, and I wouldn’t be so quick to lump this type of exercise in with the kind of mean-spirited trolling that kills conversation and debate. 

However if you think this thread is breaking forum rules you can always report it.

So is this a satire thread or not?

CaptainExplosion said:

So is this a satire thread or not?

The fact that you still have to ask makes it clear that you shouldn't try your hands on satire threads. That, and your established ban on creating political threads. Which, by the way, was collateral damage in a grander scheme.

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RolStoppable said:

Nintendo Switch has been on the market for a full 18 months by now. The launch hype is gone and the dust has settled, so this is a good time to recap the console's achievements or lack thereof. While the general consensus is that Switch is selling well and successful, such a conclusion doesn't hold up under scrutiny. It's not all sunshine and rainbows in Nintendo land and we have to be honest about it.

Exhibit A - Switch is the successor to both the Wii U and 3DS, and it's selling slower than its predecessors

The latest hardware sales update on VGChartz puts Switch's LTD total at 20.1m units by September 1st 2018. That's pretty much exactly 18 months after its launch on March 3rd 2017. Through their respective first 18 months on the market, Wii U and 3DS combine for approximately 24.8m units, so almost 5m more than Switch, according to VGChartz.

* Switch selling less than Wii U and 3DS combined is meaningless and doesn't in any way mean Switch is not successful.
* The Switch is a hybrid, not a replacement for Wii U or 3DS, it is more akin to a 3DS and Wii U in one, which means it is a replacement for a 3DS AND a Wii U. Users only need to buy one Switch to replace both their Wii U and 3DS.
* A Switch in a household gives the whole family a device to play on, while 3DS is a personal device.
* When you look at software sales, the Switch sold 87 million software and nearly 20 million hardware in 16 months - this is a higher attach rate than both the Wii U and around double the attach rate of the 3DS.
* This is also in no way measures decline since a large portion Wii U owners were also 3DS owners, people do not buy a separate Switch for handeld and home console play. It's not a handheld or a home console, it's a handheld AND a home console - a hybrid, in other words.
* Taking the above points into account, Nintendo has sold 87 million Switch games by June 30th according to Nintendo, which is significantly higher than Nintendo's numbers for 3DS and Wii U software combined for the same time frame, despite the fact that Wii U had two holiday seasons.
* Nintendo's total revenue for FY2018 was 1.06 trillion yen, the highest of any year since before the launch of the 3DS, double the revenue for most years of the 3DS/Wii U era.

And as far as total profits go:

RolStoppable said: 

Exhibit B - Nintendo continues to make smartphone games and their new CEO Furukawa wants to grow that business

If Switch were truly successful, Nintendo would put their focus on their core business again. However, there's growing determination to shift away from it.

Exhibit C - Nintendo's stock price has dropped by approximately 25% since March 2018

Investors have been losing confidence in Nintendo for a while now. Switch is on a downward trajectory.

Exhibit D - The 3DS was a better portable than Switch is

Switch's battery life barely scraps past the 3 hours mark if we are generous. The original 3DS's battery life was 5 hours.

* What does diversifying to expand brand recognition have to do with a lack of success? Nintendo continued to support handheld games during the Wii era, that doesn't equal Wii is unsuccessful.
* In 2008, Nintendo's stock price has dropped to 1/3rd its 2007 level - and FY 2009 and 2010 were its two most successful years ever. No one would argue 2008 as a failure for Nintendo. Stock prices are speculative, not necessarily indicative.
* In both consoles it depends on the game, Switch's battery life can last 10 hours on certain games, while games like Ocarina of Time 3D would drain 3DS in under 2 hours.
* The software available for Switch is FAR more appealing than 3DS's as well.
RolStoppable said: 

Exhibit E - The Wii U had better third party support than Switch

Wii U had Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, Darksiders, Need for Speed, Madden, Tekken, Mass Effect, just to name a few. Switch has none of those and it doesn't look like that will change anytime soon, if ever.

The Wii U was a very unappealing console for that software, so games like Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed were irrelevant releases for the Wii U as a result.


RolStoppable said: 

Exhibit G - The best Switch games are Nintendo games

This irrefutable fact doesn't point towards a healthy software ecosystem. Quite the opposite, actually. It highlights that third parties aren't willing to invest in the platform.

Exhibit H - Online multiplayer has been put behind a paywall on Switch

The history of paid online multiplayer on consoles is a history of console manufacturers who struggled to make profit via honest business. Whether you take Sega, Microsoft or Sony, it's always the same story.

Neither of these things have anything to do with negative success. The best Wii games are Nintendo games and online is behind a paywall on PS4 - both consoles are massive successes. In fact, Nintendo selling high amounts of first-party software equals greater success, since that gives them the most profits.



Damn, it's far too late for me to be on the Internet... completely flew over my head that this was satire =P

Y'bastard =D


I suppose I'll go and debunk the Onion next.

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Excellent writeup. A few points you overlooked:

Exhibit I - We are now in the 4K era and Switch games regularly fall short of even 1080p. As more and more people buy 4K TVs, they will stop buying Switches.

Exhibit J - PS5 and Nextbox are just around the corner, and nobody will buy a Switch once those consoles are out, just like nobody bought a DS after the PS3/360 released, a 3DS after the PS4/Xbone released, a PS1 after the Dreamcast released, a PS2 after the 360 released, or an SNES after the PS1/Saturn released.

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I am a little surprised by both the overall number of magic beans that have been sold, and also by the identity of some of the customers.

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I mean this is a better thread than that "Nintendo did not learn anything from the Wii U Thread" :p

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CaptainExplosion said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:

Ok, and? Your comment wasn't? 

How is criticizing one's grammar worse than trying to humiliate someone?


Get better grammar before you make your arguments.

That is not criticism, at all. That is just rude.

By the way, my reply wasn't meant to humiliate you. My links were supposed to show that, just like what happens quite often regarding you, you completely misunderstand my intentions. Just as you misunderstood me in that one thread, you misunderstood me in this one. 

My comment was a joke. The errors in grammar were intentional. But if you just didn't get the joke, that would have been fine. You can't expect people to see things your way all the time. However your oddly rude, combative response came out of nowhere and was inappropriate as well as unjustified. 

By the way, a mild, innocent list of things I agree with in regards to a different person's perspective is not an "argument". In fact, it is basically the exact opposite of an argument. But why would I expect you to understand that, when you don't understand basic concepts like jokes and double standards. 

Have a good day. 

RolStoppable said:
CaptainExplosion said:

So is this a satire thread or not?

The fact that you still have to ask makes it clear that you shouldn't try your hands on satire threads. That, and your established ban on creating political threads. Which, by the way, was collateral damage in a grander scheme.

Who told you I wasn't allowed to make political threads?

You forgot to add that the Switch dosent have Netflix.This alone is a big enough reason to warrant an Exhibit I to your list of arguments.

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