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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Shin'en Multimedia (Fast Racing Neo/RMX) announced Art of Balance for Switch (Update)


What is their next game ?

A sequel to Fast Racing Neo/RMX 5 14.71%
New IP 16 47.06%
They finally took F-Zero ... 10 29.41%
Nothing (Just a prank !) 3 8.82%

The game maker behind the technical marvel that was Fast Racing Neo on the WiiU and the remix version on Switch has announced via Twitter that they will reveal their next plan for the Nintendo Switch tomorrow.

So what should we expect ? A sequel ? A new IP ? Pre-existing IP ? (F-ZERO !!)

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Nice, I like some of their games.

EDIT: As I see you only notice the FAST Racing games for them, they also have other series like Nano Assault and Art of Balance, and a Golf and a Tennis game. So it's not only between FAST Racing and new IP (or the unlikely idea of F-Zero). Personally I like Nano assault very much, and back in the day I remember multiple members of this forum were praising Art of Balance.

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I hope they get to do a retail release for Fast Racing Neo RMX, it looks amazing. Good luck with their next project.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Guessing new IP, but if Nintendo is smart they would give them the F-Zero license.

And if Shin-en Multimedia is smart they would have pushed hard to get it. Just look at Starlink and how Star Fox seems to be helping that game in the marketing department immensely. Feel that game will sell at least triple what it would have normally on the Switch due to Star Fox.

Existing, cant wait to see what their project is.

Eh, I won't get my hopes up this time. Boo me if you will, but I'm calling their bluff.

It's not going to be a F-Zero, would have been announced in a direct.

If it's a sequel, then a new Nano game. I am leaning towards a new IP though.

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