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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Shin'en Multimedia (Fast Racing Neo/RMX) announced Art of Balance for Switch (Update)


What is their next game ?

A sequel to Fast Racing Neo/RMX 5 14.71%
New IP 16 47.06%
They finally took F-Zero ... 10 29.41%
Nothing (Just a prank !) 3 8.82%
Mnementh said:
CaptainExplosion said:

What other genres are they capable of?

As I said before, their portfolio contains:

FAST Racing series (Racing)

Nano Assault series (Twin Stick shooter)

Art of Balance (physics based puzzler)


Jett Rocket series (platformer)


Personally, if they make a new game in a series or a port or remake of an earlier game, I hope for Nano Assault. They did FAST Racing already. Sports Games and Platformers does the Switch already and I think especially on the platformer side Shin'en isn't that good as others. Art of Balance never was my thing, but the Nano Assault games are quite fun. If they try a new IP, I think they could try a 3rd- or first-person shooter. The Switch don't have much of these and with their speciality fast-paced action, technical impressive visuals and good music they could produce a good experience in that genre. Shin'en has a very small team though, never expect something on a grand scale from them.

The best of those is imo "Art of Balance" + "FAST Racing series".
I hope they do another Art of Balance, i rather enjoyed that.
I also feel like theres plenty of room left for growth and improvements in the Fast racing series.

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