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This is a very strong reason to go complete multiplatform, or upgrade my PC to the fullest. It really does suck that this is basically last beacon for racing franchises, I'm still super bitter about PGR and Burnout series death and NFS being the crap microtransaction basket it is.


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Chris Hu said:
CGI-Quality said:

Until something changes, I'd peg GT as the bigger franchise either way. But really, the comparison was needless, so there really isn't any need to even elaborate any further on it (and Wiki is the worst source for sales data, btw :P).

No its not both Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsports are nowhere as popular as they used to be and GT Sports sales are in a rapid decline last time it was in the top 75 was August 4th.  Meanwhile Forza Horizon popularity is skyrocketing FH3 passed 10 million players not that long ago and since FH4 is also on Game Pass and a better game overall it will get to 10 million players as lot faster.  The only other racing game that is currently more popular then the Horizon series is Mario Kart.

As I said earlier, we’re not turning this into Forza vs GT.


I would love to play this, yet for now I'll keep drooling over DF's analysis videos

My laptop sure can't run it (nor has win 10) and I can't justify CAD 600 plus tax plus game or game pass plus xbl gold for 1 game (or series) I still play GTS daily and way too much (over 4000 sport races completed) yet also have that arcade racing itch. What a terrible decision to close Evolution studios, I would have bought DriveClub 2 and season pass in a heartbeat. Open world is not my favorite, however Forza Horizon was fun on 360 and the sequels look amazing! Kinda jealous of those who get to play it.

I love when Sony fans touts how many players Fortnite has like 80 million I hear recently.

Then those same people will say that the 10 million number for Forza 3 is misleading and not that many people play.

Barkley said:
dx11332sega said:

Awesome is this deal with credit card or prepaid gift card I like this deal

It was a temporary deal for new subscribers on Microsoft store, pretty sure it ended a couple of weeks ago, I picked it up then for the Forza launch.

That particular deal is over. But, they seem to be running a new deal for Game Pass about 50% of the time. I'm sure they will use the positive Buzz around this game to try to drive subscribers to the service, which will probably mean a new deal within the next week or two.

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I've been thinking about this all day...... I think this game will be the one that gets me to subscribe to Gamepass. I've been telling myself that I'll subscribe as soon as a AAA game that I want to play but haven't hits the service. I don't normally *buy* racing games. But, I do enjoy the FH games I've received via XBL, and this one sounds truly great. So, this just might be the one to get me to open my wallet....

ironmanDX said:
Slade6alpha said:
Game of the year! Not surprised in the least in these scores, MS' best developer. Good looks Playground.

Spiderman to FH4!

It make you more eager to learn about playground games new ip? Hopefully we hear something next e3.

New IP being Fable? Or is this something completely different? 

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Forza Horizon is the saving grace of the racing genre, which on a whole has been a letdown this gen.

Burnout gone, Midnight Club gone, Driver gone, PGR gone, and countless more gone. Bizarre shut down, black rock shut down, black box shut down, evolution shut down, Sony liverpool shut down, criterion is as good as dead. Once revered series like Need for Speed and Gran Turismo are a shadow of their former selves.

You have a good racing game sometimes, like FAST RMX or Trackmania Turbo, but those are few and far between.

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Slade6alpha said:
ironmanDX said:

It make you more eager to learn about playground games new ip? Hopefully we hear something next e3.

New IP being Fable? Or is this something completely different? 

Apparently so! I don't remember hearing that they were working on fable. A few people here have said the same thing. I just remember that they are working on an open world game.


Seems like FH4 has settled on 92 meta with 57 reviews. I was expecting a troll review or 2 to drop it a point. I took a week off work to work through the backlog and clear some room. I can't wait!

Looks like I will only be off by one point I predicted that it would get a 93 metascore. I think if the map would have been a big bigger it probably could have scored a bit higher. Even though it probably not going to happen I would love if the two expansions attach directly to the main map. One could attach to the southern part of the map and the other one could attach towards the the north eastern part of the map via the three bridges that are visible on the map but can't be accessed.