Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Final Fantasy is getting back on Nintendo platform with a bang (8 FF games annouced for Switch), same games coming to XB1/PS4

Pemalite said:
Xxain said:

No. "Eyes on me" is important in its own little way. I couldn't imagine the ending to FF8 without.

They did a re-release on Steam though?


Just hoping they all get a Physical release.

VIII already had a PC version the Steam version is the same game.

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Put a bunch of these in cart and it might actually be a day one purchase from me. And what an irony right? They ditch nintendo due to carts, skip every subsequent disc-based nintendo console and return once their console uses carts again 😂😂

I've been looking forward to this for a long, long time.

I remember how N64 lost out on the Final Fantasy 7 - and it opened the wound of 3rd parties leaving Nintendo. Glad to see this franchise circle back!

I hope these aren't digital only - but I suspect these will be.

I predict NX launches in 2017 - not 2016

Jumpin said:
Final Fantasy 7 is by far the most exciting of those, IMO.

I would really like to see FF6, 8 and Tactics too (and Xenogears) at some point. IMO, that was Square at their zennith.

Yeah 7 is a absolute buy for me. Of the rest maybe I'd get 9. If they were to remake/port more to Switch I would be all over Tactics!

VII,VIII and XII are a must buy for me in xbox
I really want FF VIII , FF Tactics and both Saga Frontier games ( The second is beautiful)

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Nice! I hope this will stop the shit FFVII getting from certain fans..
then the FFVII overrated meme.

Seems those games also coming to Xbox lol.

Getting VII and IX for sure!

I already got Final Fantasy VII on PC but I might get it again. I also have VIII but I haven't played it yet. I have to beat Monster Hunter, Xenoblade 2: Torna, Dragon Quest 2 before I go to that game.

Anyway, this is awesome! I can finally play Final Fantasy games past VI on a Nintendo system. XD. I will probably get them all if they are physical. However, I think only Final Fantasy XII will come out on Switch. physically. Maybe X as well.

Another thing. As someone already pointed out already. Square doesn't usually port game willy nilly anymore. They usually have a sense of purpose. I fully expect Square to be preparing us with a NEW Final Fantasy game. Maybe Final Fantasy XVI? Only time will tell.

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Ljink96 said:
This is a historical moment. Nintendo and Square picking up where they left off. It's beautiful.

Would picking up where they left off not involve getting ffxv proper, ffiv, ff7 remake and then future ff games exclusive? Because where they left off was the new games as exclusive no?