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I was born in 1984. Around 88 my Dad bought an Atari for my brother and me to play. We had several games that we played on an old black and white tube T.V. that wasn't more than 10 inches. The games we had were Pole Position, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Pittfall, Mario Bros., and Combat. The game we liked the most was Combat, since it had multiplayer tank battles. You could go invisible with your tank, richochet shots, and hide behind cover. The game was a blast and IMO it still is. We knew the NES existed at this time, but my Dad didn't want to spend the money on it. We often played Mario, and Duck Hunt at friend's houses. I sucked at Mario. 

When I was seven years old my brother got a Sega Genesis for his birthday. Sonic the Hedgehog was a pack-in title for the system. Even back then, I thought Sonic was kind of a short game. This was because my neighbors had an SNES and Super Mario World was at least three times as long, with save files. My true love at the time was Street Fighter II, and later Mortal Kombat II. These fighting games were so easy to get into compared to modern fighters. Special moves took a lot of precedence over combos. As a result, I'm a zoning type of special move spamming player to this day in fighting games. In MK9 I was able to easy outzone Sub-Zero players with Reptile, because his moveset was so similar to MKII's Reptile. The Sega Genesis introduced me to my first JRPG, Phantasy Star II. I loved the game to death, but I just couldn't beat it due to the insanely confusing dungeons. We also played Earthworm Jim, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, UMK3, Jurrasic Park, Warlock, Kid Chameleon, Spiderman Maximum Carnage, and about twenty other games. I knew the SNES existed, and secretly knew it was better than anything Sega put out. 

For my 12th birthday I was given the choice to get either a Playstation or an N64. By this time I had figured out what Square RPGs were, and I picked N64 since I thought Nintendo would get the same games they had since the NES. I was dead wrong. To my surprise Castlevania, Square RPGs, Megaman, and Konami all jumped ship to Sony. I really can't put an emphasis on how shocking and surprising this was at the time. Sega was basically dead in the states with the Saturn, and Nintendo had half it's good games stolen by a competitor. Imagine if Microsoft died off, and then suddenly Sony lost half it's exclusive games to some *other* console. Now to add insult to injury, imagine that the PC is as expensive as it was in the 90's. Anyway I resented Sony for a long time for this, since I was too young to see the bussiness side of things. 

I enjoyed the N64 a lot. Goldeneye introduced me to the FPS genre. I borrowed Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time from friends, and at first I didn't see what the big deal was. I kept telling my friend's in art class that there was no way Ocarina of Time was as good as Turok 2.  Months later I was still playing both of Nintendo's games. I think that was the time where I stopped judging a game by it's cover. IMO at the time the N64 was a much better system than the PS1. It had true analog from the start (a lot of PS1 games don't even use the analog sticks as anything more than glorified D-Pad inupts). It had 4 controller ports for multiplayer awesomeness. It had revolutionary games like Goldeneye, SM64, and OoT. 

In high school I had a Gamecube, and my brother had an Xbox. I really thought he Gamecube was a huge dissapointment at the time. The Mario game used wierd cleaning mechanics. The Zelda game only had 6 dungeons. Rare was nowhere to be seen. Looking back I really like the Gamecube for entirely different reasons though. Metroid Prime and Resident Evil 4 are classics. I prefer the Gamecube for ports of multiplatform games, since Original Xboxes don't really offer much for a collector these days. The game that I truly fell in love with during my later high school years was Morrowwind on the Xbox. Sure it plays pretty badly today, but at the time it was revolutionary. 

Around 2005 I was long out of high school and I picked up a 360 since Sony completely botched the PS3. It was at about this time that I discovered a Mom n' Pop used game store and started growing my retro collection. It's also around this time that I started paying attention to reviewers. Gamespot's Greg Kasavin just seemed to nail every review he wrote. Finally this was the time where I became the type of gamer that plays on anything and everything.I bought a PS2, a DS, a PS3, etc. I even delved into PC with Civ IV (and loved it). This was a few years before the PC Gaming Master Race meme started taking off, and I just wanted to play good games. This was also back when you could still buy a PHYSICAL version of a PC game. 

Eventually I ditched my 360 collection of around 20 games and combined my PS3/360 library into a PS3 library for the sake of having it all on one system. I loved Microsoft's gaming division from 2001 to 2011, and I could go on about how much they did to improve the gaming landscape, but that's for another thread. 

I got a 3DS XL in 2013 as soon as the price dropped to $200. At this time, I was very skeptical of games rated below 85 on Metacritic. Despite this, the cover of Etrian Odyssey IV called out to me, and I decided to make a rare exception. EOIV blew my mind, and completely changed what I considered a good game. Sure, I had bought, played, and enjoyed other games rated below 85, such as Tales of Vesperia, Chromehounds, etc. But this was the first game rated so low, that immediately wound up on my personal list of Greatest Games  of All Time. I went out and started buying other games rated in the 80 to 84 range, that were from genres that I liked. 

I bought a Wii U shortly before Pikmin 3 launched, and it was a good system for the time. But by mid 2018, I was regretting it. Out of my initial 15 game Wii U collection, all but 5 games got ported over to Switch. I started double-dipping on ports, in order to merge the Switch and Wii U collections into one Switch Collection. Owning a Wii U in 2018 felt like owning a Saturn or Dreamcast.

I also, bought a PS4 in 2015, and a PS4 Pro in 2018. Xbox failed to attract my interest during the 8th generation, and I doubt they will ever get it back.

 From 2011 to 2017, I resented the PC Gaming Master Race for pushing graphics over gameplay, embracing digital distribution (which I consider to be a ripp off), and claiming that the platform you play on makes you superior, and not the number of, or quality of games that you've enjoyed. But in the latter half of 2018, I got over it, and reverted to my old habits of simply buying games I like, no matter the platform. These days I still play on pretty much everything except phones. I'm currently building a new PC just to play the RTS and Strategy titles that are exclusive to the platform.

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First list = main systems second list = other systems a mix of new and used some at launch others accumulated overtime so can't remember the dates.
Main = C64 - Amiga 600 - PS1 - PS2 - PSP - PS3 - Vita - PS4 - PS4 Pro - various PC builds
Other= snes - Saturn- DC - N64 - GC - Xbox - Wii - GBA - 360 - 3DS -Wii U- Xbox one - Switch  

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My first main console was the NES, when Inwas like 3 years old. Still have my old games to this day. I also had a Game Boy, but no longer have that library.

After that I jumped ship to Sega Genesis. My collection was not huge with this console, but I did a lot of renting and played the hell out of the games I did own. I also had a Game Gear with a similar sized library. I eventually got a SNES for games like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy, but that was late into the next Generation.

Then it was time to return to Nintendo with the N64. I had a blast with this one, and have a lot of fond memories. Sadly however, I no longer have this library of games in my collection. I would eventually get a Playstation at the end of the generation for JRPGs as well. I was also pretty big on the Virtual Boy, and only learned later that I had gotten almost every game that was even released on it, not knowing how bad the system tanked in reality at the time.

Now most of the next generation I gamed on the PS2 almost exclusively. We had a Game Cube in the house, but I only ever played the Zelda games on it.

The following generation led me to get a PS3. Much like the generation before it, I gamed primarily on Playstation. I had a Wii, but it was only for playing Skyward Sword. Eventually I would have a 360 provided to me from LensOfTruth during my time as a reviewer so that I could review exclusive 360 games as well. I got a WiiU as well, but it was mainly played by my Ex wife and I only really used it guessed it...the Zelda remasters. There was also a stretch at this time where I got heavy into PC MMORPGs as well.

Now we have the current Generation. Year 1 I had both a PS4 and an X1, but after Sunset Overdrive and Titanfall, my X1 became a glorified netflix machine. The exclusives are just lack luster to me and even though I bought every exclusive game through Halo 5, I just cannot get into what MS has to offer. Most of this Generation I have been once again, a Playstation gamer. I also aquired a 3DS and a VITA for portable JRPGs, remote play, and Zelda games.

HOWEVER, things changed a bit when the Switch came out. Now my primary console flips back and forth equally between my PS4 Pro and my Switch, favoring the Switch slightly overall. I have gotten back into Nintendo games and even picked up the old handhelds I missed out on for retro gaming Nintendo games from previous generations as well. I plan on playing many of the old 1st party Nintendo games I skipped as well. I also got a Philips CDi player...for the non canon Zelda spinoffs...

And that about sums it all up in a nutshell. I have played other consoles as well briefly, but it was always at a friend's house so I felt no need to include them on the list.

Nintendo Switch Friend Code: SW-5643-2927-1984

Animal Crossing NH Dream Address: DA-1078-9916-3261

1990 - NES, I barely have memories of this one. I just remember barely playing Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt.

1997 - SNES. I got this bundled with the black Killer Instinct cartridge. Along the way, I got Super Mario All-Stars and Super Mario World, which gave me the fondest memories of Nintendo. I also got Aladdin, which was a truly masterful game.

1998 - Game Boy Pocket. Bundled with Tetris Attack, I got Pokemon: Blue Version as a birthday gift that year, which I took everywhere. I loved the hell out of that game.

1999 - PlayStation. I was quite the late bloomer with the PlayStation. Got it as a gift on Christmas that year with Gran Turismo 2. I remember renting out a ton of games at Blockbuster during this period. Smackdown 2, GTA2, Rayman, Driver 2... I remember having a lot of fun with Gran Turismo 2, which expanded my knowledge about cars even further.

2001 - N64. Santa back then was a poor fellow, so he couldn't promise my brother and I a PS2. So we got a secondhand Nintendo 64 with Super Mario 64 and WWF No Mercy, which gave me  tons of hours of fun. Never managed to find the last star in the castle .

2002 - PS2. Managed to finally get one by Christmas with WWE Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth. I was also ecstatic it doubled as a DVD player, which we didn't have yet. A week or so later, the Three Kings left a gift for us on our uncle's house. It was Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and it blew our tiny minds. I remember playing that and GTA III at our cousin's house, but having it for ourselves to endlessly experience it was such a joy. It was a true leap forward for us. And it got better. Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, True Crime: Streets of LA, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, Need for Speed Underground 2, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and even more! When people look at me like I'm crazy for saying I had my best experience with a PS2, they don't understand the joy it brought me.

2009 - PS3. It was the first console I managed to buy with my own money. I wanted Grand Theft Auto IV, but it was sold out everywhere in my mall, so we had to wait an entire day to get it on a farther Best Buy. I still remember the tune waiting for the game to install. The game was truly something else. Not to mention the PS3 bootup sequence which, in my opinion, is one of the best bootups of any console, if not the best. Bioshock, Resident Evil 5, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Midnight Club: Los Angeles... we were progressing slowly. I still remember the employee from Babbages recommending my brother and I to get Uncharted: Drake's Fortune since the second one was releasing later that year, a decision I never regretted. Then, I got DSL, and we were introduced to the world of online gaming. And then the bootup changed, and online was unforgiving (mostly because we had 2Mbps). But then Uncharted 2 happened, and it blew my mind that Christmas morning when I got it. And it only got better ever since.

2015 - PS4. My brother and I went to Best Buy to look for something. We go to the videogame section to check the stuff like we always did. He went in front of some PS4's, and after inspecting them, he just picks one up, which honestly took me by surprise. He got the Arkham Knight bundle, which was an excellent way to start. It got better and better since then. GTA V, Assassin's Creed IV, MGS V, Uncharted 4, Fallout 4... right now having 48 digital games and 28 physical games. And it just keeps getting better.

1981: Donkey Kong was the first video game I can remember playing. I lived in a small town in Arizona and the local reservation commissary had DK, Dig-Dug, and Ms. Pac-Man. My mom also started letting me play on her Radio Shack TRS-80 computer, with glorious monochrome knockoffs of all the arcade greats. One of my favorites was a 1979 BASIC game called Bee Wary, where you were a bee trying to sting a spider while not getting eaten.
1983: My dad got a TI-99/4A, which was our first home color computer. It had a library of good games. My cousin had a 2600.
1986: My cousin and I spent the summer at my uncle's house playing his Atari 130XE computer, which had some really good arcade ports as well as a lot of original titles. It was the best gaming machine of the 80s outside of the NES. A few months later, my dad got my mother one. My uncle hooked me up with a shit ton of games. I wanted a Coleco tabletop DK game but my folks wouldnt get me one.
1987: My best friend got a NES with SMB/Duck Hunt/Gyromite, Zelda, Metroid, and Kid Icarus. I spent so much time there his parents got tired of me. My teacher's husband and I corresponded through notes delivered by my teacher on Zelda game tips.
1988: I got a few LCD games, including a Nintendo G&W Balloon Fight.
1989: I got a Game Boy with Tetris and Super Mario Land
1991: I got a PC. I liked Sim City, and SimAnt, but my favorite PC game was PC-Hack, which today exists as Nethack,. I always wanted the Ultima games having played Ultima: Exodus on my friend's NES. My favorite arcade games was The Simpsons.
1994: I hung out at the arcades as much as I could playing Mortal Kombat II. I got a SNES with A Link to the Past and Mortal Kombat II.
1995: My dad had heart surgery. His home physical therapist brought me her son's copy of Final Fantasy III (VI). I was hooked.
1996: Nintendo 64 with Super Mario 64, was waiting for Zelda 64 and Earthbound 64 (which got cancelled and moved to the GBA, it still hasn't come out here).
1998: I bought a PS1 with my first paycheck so I could play Final Fantasy VII. I bought a shit ton of Squaresoft games that year. I still have most of them. And of course the gold cartridge of Ocarina of Time. I also got a Game Boy Color and Pokemon Red.
1999: Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, a game I'd wanted since I saw the Sega CD ads. I got FF8 instead of a Dreamcast.
2000: Final Fantasy IX and Majora's Mask.
2001: I got a PS2 and Final Fantasy X for Christmas. I bought myself a GBA.
2002: Virtua Fighter and Kingdom Hearts were my big games that year. I also got A Link to the Past for GBA.
2003: I got a Gamecube for my birthday, got Wind Waker, Skies of Arcadia Legends, and Soulcalibur.
2004: This was a pretty crappy year for me. Tales of Symphonia and Harvest Moon: AWL got me through it.
2005: Resident Evil 4 at the beginning of the year, Dragon Quest VIII at the end of the year. I started going out with my wife that year, she and her daughter played DQVIII with me. She also got me FFXI.
2006: Okami, FFXII, and Twilight Princess. I wanted a Wii but they were sold out. My wife also got me a DS Lite and a bunch of DS games.
2007: I finally found a Wii. I got a Xbox 360 later on so I could play Virtua Fighter 5 Online.
2008: Fallout 3, Tales of Vesperia.
2009: I got a PS3 and Valkyria Chronicles. My wife got me Demon's Souls.
2010: Fallout: New Vegas, Yakuza 3. At that time, though, my interest in gaming was on the wane. Not much good coming out of Japan and I was tired of FPSs and TPSs.
2011: Still was in kind of a gaming slump. I got Mortal Kombat, but that was the time of the big PSN outage. Skyward Sword was my big game that year.
2012: Tales of Graces f and a few other games. I think there was a PS3 version of The Simpsons.
2013: So many great games like Ni no Kuni, Tales of Xillia, Dragon's Crown, A Link Between Worlds, Wind Waker HD My wife got me a Wii U for my birthday and a PS4 for Christmas.
2014: I got a PS TV with Tales of Hearts R. Bayonetta 2 was my favorite game of the year.
2015: FF Type-O, MKX, Fallout 4, Trails of Cold Steel, Super Mario Maker.
2016: FFXV, Odin Sphere
2017: I got a Switch for Christmas. Breath of the Wild has been one of my most played games of my entire life.
2018: Mostly gaming on the Switch, still playing BOTW. Looking forward to Valkyria Chronicles 4.

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You wanna know how much my mom was against video games in our home? One day my grandma invited us to a big toystore and she said we could pick one thing of whatever we want. My mom did not allow me to go to the video game area. Which means I had to get my fix for video games elsewhere, in youth clubs, stores and at friends houses. That resulted in me neglecting my school work even more than it probably would've if I had my own console. I got my first own TV when I was 14 and I had to save up over a year to be able to afford a second hand N64. At my 16th and 18th birthday I came to a lot of money and splurged most of it on consoles and games. I bought a launch PS3 so I could finally play PS2 games at home. I also bought a PC, so I could play older games on emulators. That's what happens when you keep your kids from having fun in their youth.

I'm over 2500h in Rocket League now and it's all my mom's fault.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

First home console was bought when I was 10 in 1992. Was a nes with Mario/duck hunt.

After was a snes,
Xbox 360
Nintendo Wii
Wii U
PS vita
Xbox One.

So since the nes, I think we’ve owned every major piece of hardware.

1998: Gameboy, Genesis, SNES
1999: N64
2000: Gameboy Color
2003: Gameboy Advance, SP
2006: Nintendo DS
2008: PS2
2010: GameCube, PS3
2014: PS4
2015: PS TV
2016: PS4 Pro
2017: Gaming Laptop

Conina said:

Early 1980s:

A monochrome LCD handheld with a Space Invaders clone, similar to this:

View on YouTube


View on YouTube

Besides that I frequently played on some arcade machines (f.e. 1942 + OutRun) and a lot of pinball machines. At my best friend's we were often allowed to play with his Atari VCS (Pong, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Q*Bert, Atlantis, Frogger, Jungle Hunt, Defender, Pitfall, Moon Patrol and Pole Position) when the weather was bad... otherwise we had more fun playing outside without electronic gadgets.

Late 1980s:

At 14 I had saved enough money for a Commodore 128 + 1571 floppy drive + Commodere 1702 color monitor + an Epson dot matrix printer (of course I needed it for school!).

Additional to the color monitor (much clearer picture than the old TVs) i bought a TV-receiver so I got independant to the family TV.

Here is a ~30 year old "blast from the past": two pictures of the desk in my old room in 1989 (the photos aren't well preserved unfortunately):



The C128 ran mostly in C64 mode, but I loved to program in Basic 7.0 these days, so the additional expense wasn't a waste. Numerous text adventures and especially Maniac Mansion and Zak McKracken had sparked my love for the adventure genre (still my favorite genre) and since most games didn't have a German translation, my English skills improved quite fast.

While reading the test of "Indy 3" in the PowerPlay 10/89, I made the decision to save money for my next computer: an Amiga 500. I couldn't even think of a sinfully expensive PC at that time. I didn't had a sponsor in my family for home entertainment, so I had to buy all my electronics myself (including my stereo, walkman, discman, VCR, TV...), but that's okay.


Early 1990s:

When I finally had the money together, Monkey Island and Loom were already released. So I bought an Amiga 500 + 1 MB memory expansion + Commodore monitor 1084 S. Later I "pimped" my A500 with further upgrades (f.e. two external floppy drives, a turbo card, another 8 MB RAM, a Kickstart-Switch for different ROMS were added)... perhaps I should have started with an A2000 in the first place

I often played Super Nintendo and Mega Drive with my friend and was even allowed to lend these systems and all his games for weeks... my favorites were the Donkey Kong Country games.


Mid 1990s to present (PC):

The next impulse for a new computer was given again by a LucasArts adventure: Day of the Tentacle (and Wing Commander, which was playable on the Amiga thanks to the turbo card, but not really fluid). My first PC was a 486 with 33 MHz + high-quality 15" monitor (the image quality was always very important to me), later the CPU was upgraded to 486 DX4/100 MHz.

This was the beginning of the hardware spiral, especially with the graphics cards I was always up-to-date: I bought the first 3dfx card (Orchid Righteous 3D) right at launch, then Riva 128, Riva TNT, Riva TNT 2, GeForce 256 DDR, GeForce 3, GeForce 4 Ti 4600, Radeon 9800, Geforce 7800 GTX, the almighty 8800 GTX, GTX 275, GTX 460, GTX 580, GTX 970 and GTX 1070.

Due to smaller performance gains I don't change my CPUs that often since my first dual-core, also the bottleneck shifted from CPUs to GPUs decades ago: 486/33, DX4/100, AMD K6-266, Celeron 400, Celeron II 875, Athlon XP 2000+, Athlon 64 3400+, Core2Duo E6600, Core2Quad 9550 and i5 4670K.

Monitor replacements got even fewer: after a 17" monitor, the Iiyama VisionMasterPro 501 (21") had served me well from 1999 to 2007. From mid 2007 to early 2018, the Dell 2407WFP (24" with S-PVA panel, 1920x1200), supported with a 120-Hz Acer-monitor from early 2011 to early 2018. My new main monitor is a HP Omen 27 (G-Sync, 2560x1440 @ 165 Hz), my good old Dell was downgraded to secondary monitor and the Acer was an upgrade for my brother's PC.

Here is another ~20 year old "blast from the past": a picture of my PC room in 1999:


And another 10 year old "blast from the past": a picture of my PC room in 2008:


And another 6 year old "blast from the past": a picture of my PC room in 2012:


Mid 1990s (consoles):

Parallel to PC, I had and still have a lot of fun with all the consoles and handhelds. I played Atari VCS and SNES before (see above), but my first own home consoles were the PlayStation (1) and the Nintendo 64... actually I bought both together with two friends and everyone got his turn. Eventually, both systems and all their games ended in my place, because both friends focused on PC gaming and lost interest in the consoles.

My PS1 is still connected to my good old "black trinitron" Sony CRT in my retro room and ready to go (alongside all my other "pre-HDMI consoles"):

But nowadays I prefer playing PS1 games on a much smaller screen: my Vita.


Late 1990s/ Early 2000s (consoles):

I have to admit that after the 5th gen I wasn't very interested in console gaming for a while... I had more than enough great games to play on PC.

I never bought and played a Dreamcast (I'm playing Shenmue 1 for the first time right now). I never bought a PS2... but I borrowed another friend's PS2 months (I have such great friends when I think about it!).

In April 2003 Nintendo brought me back: I bought a "GameBoy Advance SP Silver" for a planned long vaction (my USA West coast trip). It included a €50-coupon for buying a GameCube:

The GC was already cheap at that point, but thanks to the coupon I got the black "Metroid Prime" bundle for only €144 (including the console, the game, shipping and taxes).


In March 2004 the original Xbox followed... I bought the pretty "Crystal Edition":


Mid 2000s to present (consoles):

After that I bought all handhelds and home consoles, beginning with the awesome PlayStation Portable in April 2005. Similar to the GBA SP, I bought it for my second USA trip (the East coast this time). Since it was region free, I imported the "PSP Value Pack 32 MB" for a very good price (€150 instead of €249) from Canada and got it months before the European launch.

In November 2005 the Xbox 360 was my first console I bought on launch day and IMHO it had the best selection of launch games in console history. I preordered it in the next "Saturn" market and waited together with a big crowd in front of the store until it opened.

In November 2006 the Wii was my second console I bought on launch day. Since i didn't enjoy the "experience" of waiting in the cold the previous year, I preordered the Wii and "TLoZ: Twilight Princess" in a small toy store in my home town and picked it up after work... much better! All hardware after 2006 was ordered online and delivered to my home... even better!

When the PS3 launched in Europe in March 2007, I was going to wait for a long time... too few exclusive games, since I already had the Xbox 360 and a good gaming PC. But just three months later, I got it as a free bonus to a very attractive mobile phone contract. Over the years it has replaced the Xbox 360 as my favorite 7th gen console.

In December 2008 I bought a black Nintendo DS Lite to catch up on the best DS games and fell in love with two third party series: Professor Layton and Ace Attorney. Wasn't impressed by the hardware compared to my good old PSP, but the games were fun nonetheless.

In the summer of '69 2010 I got another great mobile companion: my first iPad. I love that form factor, it is great for point & click adventures (my favorite genre, see above). A lot of good games were ported to it, especially in the first years, and the software prices were wonderful (in-app purchases weren't a thing back then. The Infinity Blade series and some other games were technically impressive and well suited for touchscreen input. Over the years I added a few other tablets (Windows, Kindle Fire, Android), but the iPad series is still my favorite.

2012 was another handheld year for me: i bought my first PS Vita (OLED, 3G) in February and the 3DS XL at its launch in July. The original 3DS had a lot of design choices I didn't like and I'm glad that I waited for the XL-version.

In the last week of January 2014 both the Wii U Premium (Nintendo Land bundle) and the PS4 (Killzone bundle) arrived at my home.


In 2015 I added a PS Vita Slim and an Xbox One to my collection.

In October 2016 the PlayStation VR opened my eyes to a new dimension of gaming, one month later my PS4 was replaced with a PS4 Pro.

As a new VR fan, in 2017 I bought an "Oculus Rift + Touch controller" bundle in the "Summer of Rift" (first big price cut)... also a PS Aim controller together with Farpoint.

In October 2017 I finally bought a Nintendo Switch... I was planning to get the red "Mario Odyssey" bundle, but then got a good deal for the normal red/blue version and the pinkish Xenoblade Pro controller. This year a LAN-adapter, a 200 GB microSD card and a Zelda controller for guests completed my Switch setup.


At the end of 2018 I "cheaply" shot an iPad Pro 10.5, which is always updated with the latest iOS version and is therefore also "Apple Arcade" and gamepad compatible and is now waiting for "Beyond a Steel Sky". My good old iPad Air remains on iOS 10.3.3 and therefore remains compatible with all 32-bit apps.

In September 2019 I was able to exchange my worn out Xbox One for an Xbox One X for a moderate extra charge. Of course, from then on the desire for a "4K" TV became more present to take full advantage of the console graphics. At first I wanted to wait until the launch of the next console generation, but just one month later I got weak.

I was already a big fan of the deep black levels of the OLED displays in my PSVR and my Oculus Rift, so I also wanted to have it for my next TV as well... and in fact, dark scenes in movies and games look pretty awesome. HDMI 2.1 for variable refresh rate in games, very low "input lag", HDR10, Dolby Vision and other bells and whistles had to be included, too... after all, the TV should accompany me through the complete next console generation.

So I'm ready and set up for the launch of the PlayStation 5!

Oh, and with "Sega Ages: OutRun" for the Switch and a C64 Mini I won't forget the past and we are back at the beginning of the article.

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Played any battery powered "tabletop" video game I could get my hands on 80s. Discovered arcade gaming in the early 80s. If someone had an Atari, they had my loyalty.

Eventually saw an NES in my local Walmart and thought it was mankind's greatest achievement. Got my own NES in 1988 and from that point on, I bought every home/portable Nintendo ever made.

In 1996, I ran out of N64 games to play so I got a PS1 in early 1997. After that, I bought every PlayStation home/portable ever.

In 2001, after months of trying to get a PS2 and failing, I bought a Dreamcast. Loved it! After that, I bought every....uh, that didn't work out very well.

In 2007, I saw Gears of War running on an Xbox 360 in person. Before that, I was considering quitting gaming. After that, Xbox became my most played gaming hardware.

Sprinkle in some random hardware like the Ouya and you now have a pretty good idea of who I am as a gamer.

Xbox One X (November 2017)*

Xbox One S (October 2017)

Nintendo Switch (March 2017)*

Xbox One S (November 2016)

PS4 Pro (Nov 2016)*

PSVR (Oct 2016)*

Xbox One w/ Kinect (May 2016)

PSTV (Oct 2015)

Ouya (January 2015)

New Nintendo 3DS (February 2015)

New Nintendo 3DS (February 2015)

Xbox One (March 2014)

PlayStation 4 (January 2014)

PlayStation 3 Super Slim (November 2013)

Wii U (November 2012)*

PS Vita (February 2012)*

3DS ( December 2011)

3DS (June 2011)

Xbox 360 S (Late 2010)

Nintendo DSi (2009)

Sony PSP (December 2009)

Sony PSP (October 2009)

Xbox 360 60gb (2008)

Nintendo DS Lite (December 2008)

PlayStation 3 (June 2008)

Wii (May 2007)

Xbox 360 20 gb (March 2007)

Nintendo DS Lite (2006)

Nintendo DS (2006)

Nintendo DS (2006)

PlayStation 2 (2005)

Nintendo DS (November 2004)*

PlayStation 2 (2003)

Nintendo GameCube (November 2001)*

PlayStation 2 (April 2001)

Sega Dreamcast (March 2001)

Nintendo 64 (December 1999)

PlayStation (1998)

PlayStation (March 1997)

Nintendo 64 (September 1996)*

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (December 1993)

Nintendo Gameboy (1991)

Nintendo Entertainment System (December 1988)

• day one purchase

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