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1981: Donkey Kong was the first video game I can remember playing. I lived in a small town in Arizona and the local reservation commissary had DK, Dig-Dug, and Ms. Pac-Man. My mom also started letting me play on her Radio Shack TRS-80 computer, with glorious monochrome knockoffs of all the arcade greats. One of my favorites was a 1979 BASIC game called Bee Wary, where you were a bee trying to sting a spider while not getting eaten.
1983: My dad got a TI-99/4A, which was our first home color computer. It had a library of good games. My cousin had a 2600.
1986: My cousin and I spent the summer at my uncle's house playing his Atari 130XE computer, which had some really good arcade ports as well as a lot of original titles. It was the best gaming machine of the 80s outside of the NES. A few months later, my dad got my mother one. My uncle hooked me up with a shit ton of games. I wanted a Coleco tabletop DK game but my folks wouldnt get me one.
1987: My best friend got a NES with SMB/Duck Hunt/Gyromite, Zelda, Metroid, and Kid Icarus. I spent so much time there his parents got tired of me. My teacher's husband and I corresponded through notes delivered by my teacher on Zelda game tips.
1988: I got a few LCD games, including a Nintendo G&W Balloon Fight.
1989: I got a Game Boy with Tetris and Super Mario Land
1991: I got a PC. I liked Sim City, and SimAnt, but my favorite PC game was PC-Hack, which today exists as Nethack,. I always wanted the Ultima games having played Ultima: Exodus on my friend's NES. My favorite arcade games was The Simpsons.
1994: I hung out at the arcades as much as I could playing Mortal Kombat II. I got a SNES with A Link to the Past and Mortal Kombat II.
1995: My dad had heart surgery. His home physical therapist brought me her son's copy of Final Fantasy III (VI). I was hooked.
1996: Nintendo 64 with Super Mario 64, was waiting for Zelda 64 and Earthbound 64 (which got cancelled and moved to the GBA, it still hasn't come out here).
1998: I bought a PS1 with my first paycheck so I could play Final Fantasy VII. I bought a shit ton of Squaresoft games that year. I still have most of them. And of course the gold cartridge of Ocarina of Time. I also got a Game Boy Color and Pokemon Red.
1999: Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, a game I'd wanted since I saw the Sega CD ads. I got FF8 instead of a Dreamcast.
2000: Final Fantasy IX and Majora's Mask.
2001: I got a PS2 and Final Fantasy X for Christmas. I bought myself a GBA.
2002: Virtua Fighter and Kingdom Hearts were my big games that year. I also got A Link to the Past for GBA.
2003: I got a Gamecube for my birthday, got Wind Waker, Skies of Arcadia Legends, and Soulcalibur.
2004: This was a pretty crappy year for me. Tales of Symphonia and Harvest Moon: AWL got me through it.
2005: Resident Evil 4 at the beginning of the year, Dragon Quest VIII at the end of the year. I started going out with my wife that year, she and her daughter played DQVIII with me. She also got me FFXI.
2006: Okami, FFXII, and Twilight Princess. I wanted a Wii but they were sold out. My wife also got me a DS Lite and a bunch of DS games.
2007: I finally found a Wii. I got a Xbox 360 later on so I could play Virtua Fighter 5 Online.
2008: Fallout 3, Tales of Vesperia.
2009: I got a PS3 and Valkyria Chronicles. My wife got me Demon's Souls.
2010: Fallout: New Vegas, Yakuza 3. At that time, though, my interest in gaming was on the wane. Not much good coming out of Japan and I was tired of FPSs and TPSs.
2011: Still was in kind of a gaming slump. I got Mortal Kombat, but that was the time of the big PSN outage. Skyward Sword was my big game that year.
2012: Tales of Graces f and a few other games. I think there was a PS3 version of The Simpsons.
2013: So many great games like Ni no Kuni, Tales of Xillia, Dragon's Crown, A Link Between Worlds, Wind Waker HD My wife got me a Wii U for my birthday and a PS4 for Christmas.
2014: I got a PS TV with Tales of Hearts R. Bayonetta 2 was my favorite game of the year.
2015: FF Type-O, MKX, Fallout 4, Trails of Cold Steel, Super Mario Maker.
2016: FFXV, Odin Sphere
2017: I got a Switch for Christmas. Breath of the Wild has been one of my most played games of my entire life.
2018: Mostly gaming on the Switch, still playing BOTW. Looking forward to Valkyria Chronicles 4.