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I'll just list the consoles I had throughout my life.

1999-2000 : SNES, I remember that my mom was a freak at Super Mario World. I played with her a few years later and she was still quite skilled.
2001-2002 : PS2. The first home console. We, the kids, were playing with. FFX was one of the game I remember fondly.
2003-2007 : Got my first handheld console which was the GBA then a year later I was gifted with a GBA SP.(I lost my previous one)
2010-2011 : My mother buys me another GBA in a pawn shop with Mario Tennis Power. My addiction to tennis had begun.
2010-2014 : My brother got himself a Xbox360 for it's birthday, but we were sharing it a lot. We were playing a lot of fps shooter during those years.
2014 : Bought myself a DS Lite and with it, Pokémon SoulSilver and Black 2. I had an awesome time with both games but then I goofed and sold them both to buy myself a tennis game ...

2016-Present : With the incomes coming from my summer jobs, I could easily acquire myself a 3DS, WiiU and then Switch most recently. It's also the true start of my "hardcore gamer" phase.

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I had one of those too!

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Please excuse my bad English.

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I cant gave years (exept for last few ones), but order for me was something like this:

-Sega Master
-Sega Mega Drive 2 (Genesis)
-Wii (2008)
-Nintendo DS
-Xbox 360 (2013)
-Wii U (2014)
-PS4 (2016)
-Switch (2018)

'70s: Pong, Space Invaders, Breakout and others on arcade machines
'80s: A console with pong and other three simple games built-in, lots of games on arcade machines, Intellivision
Early '90s: ZX Spectrum, PC (not mine own yet), lots of arcade machines, still using my old Intellivision every now and then
Late '90s: My first PC!!!
2000: My second PC, the first I personally built!!!
2000s: upgrades to my second PC, my third PC (the second I personally built)
2010s: upgrades to my third PC (I'm still posponing assembling my fourth one), phone (very little, I like small phones, but their small screens suck for games), tablet (much more).

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1993(ish) Master System
1995 PC ( mainly strategy and point n click)
1998 N64
1999 PS1 + N64
2000 Dreamcast
2002 PS2
2003 Xbox
2005 Xbox 360
2009 Gaming Laptop
2010 PS3
2012 Wii
2013 Wii U
2014 3DS
2014 PS4
2015 Xbox one
2016 PSVR
2016 Gaming Laptop
2017 PS4 Pro
2017 Nintendo Switch

Whew so um yeah guess i spent a lot of money on this shit.

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I started off playing video games once I was old enough to be able to pick up a controller, and quickly developed an interest in them. My earliest gaming experiences were therefore in the mid 80s, maybe '84. I started off on old arcade games, my father's Commodore 64, and the Intellivision, which was a hand-me-down from my father. But what really pushed me towards being a hardcore gamer was Nintendo. I saw an NES for the first time over at a friend's house in maybe '87 or early '88, and was absolutely blown away with what I saw. Super Mario Bros. was just so far beyond anything I ever saw before in terms of game design. I had to have one, and on Christmas Day of 1988, I got my wish. I woke up that morning, opened up my NES, and proceeded to have the best Christmas ever, playing Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt (part of the combo cart with SMB), Mega Man, and Jaws. After that, I was hooked. I was a hardcore Nintendo fan. I got a subscription to Nintendo Power. I had an SMB lunch box. I ate Nintendo cereal. I even watched the Super Mario Bros. Super Show and Captain N the Game Master (in retrospect, not a very good show). It was what made me the gamer I am today.

For a timeline of every console gifted/purchased after:

1990 or 1991: Game Boy
Christmas 1991: Sega Genesis
Christmas 1994: Super NES (last console received as a gift)
1998: PS1 (first console I bought on my own), followed shortly by the N64
1999: Dreamcast (first launch day system purchase)
Feb. or March 2002: GameCube (got it with my tax return money)
2003: PS2
2004: Xbox (de facto hand-me-down; I had moved out of my parents house, and my roommate/best friend let me keep his second Xbox in my room)
2008: Xbox 360
2009: Wii
2013: Wii U (bought in August), PS4 (launch day purchase)
2014: Xbox One
2015: 3DS XL
2017: Switch and Xbox One X (both launch day purchases)
2020: PS5 (launch day purchase)
2021: Xbox Series X (not purchased yet; will do so prior to Halo Infinite's release)

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1997 or 1998: PS1
1999: GameBoy Color
2003: Xbox
2007: Xbox 360 Pro (broke in 2010)
2009: PS3
2010: Xbox 360 Arcade
2013: Xbox 360 Slim (for my wife)
2015: Xbox One
2018: Xbox One X

And between that (especially 2000-2007) tons of different PCs.

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Sega Genesis
Sega Game Gear
N64 (some PSX at friends)
Gameboy Color
Jaguar CD
GCN (some Xbox and PS2 at friends)
Gameboy Advance
Gameboy Advance SP
Wii (some PS3 through roommate)
Playstation 4
Wii U
PC throughout

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Sega Megadrive (genesis in other countries)
Sega Saturn
Sega Dreamcast
PlayStation 1
PlayStation 2
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4/ Switch (switch is sold now though)

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I got into gaming a bit later in life.

2003 - My mom bought me an NES from a garage sale, and came home to surprise me with it. Until then, I had never played a video game.
2004 - My cousin gave me her GameBoy (the original), with Super Mario Land 2.
2006 - Got a Gamecube and GameBoy Advance SP. This was a great year!
2007 - Got a PSP and a Wii. This was also a great year!
2008 - Won a Nintendo DS from an arcade.
2011 - Bought a Nintendo 3DS. First time buying a game console around launch (not day one, though).
2012 - Got an Xbox 360 as a Birthday gift. Also bought a Wii U.
2016 - Bought a PS4, with Bioshock: The Collection.
2017 - Sold my PS4 to buy a Switch, with BotW. First time buying a video game system AT LAUNCH.