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My first main console was the NES, when Inwas like 3 years old. Still have my old games to this day. I also had a Game Boy, but no longer have that library.

After that I jumped ship to Sega Genesis. My collection was not huge with this console, but I did a lot of renting and played the hell out of the games I did own. I also had a Game Gear with a similar sized library. I eventually got a SNES for games like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy, but that was late into the next Generation.

Then it was time to return to Nintendo with the N64. I had a blast with this one, and have a lot of fond memories. Sadly however, I no longer have this library of games in my collection. I would eventually get a Playstation at the end of the generation for JRPGs as well. I was also pretty big on the Virtual Boy, and only learned later that I had gotten almost every game that was even released on it, not knowing how bad the system tanked in reality at the time.

Now most of the next generation I gamed on the PS2 almost exclusively. We had a Game Cube in the house, but I only ever played the Zelda games on it.

The following generation led me to get a PS3. Much like the generation before it, I gamed primarily on Playstation. I had a Wii, but it was only for playing Skyward Sword. Eventually I would have a 360 provided to me from LensOfTruth during my time as a reviewer so that I could review exclusive 360 games as well. I got a WiiU as well, but it was mainly played by my Ex wife and I only really used it guessed it...the Zelda remasters. There was also a stretch at this time where I got heavy into PC MMORPGs as well.

Now we have the current Generation. Year 1 I had both a PS4 and an X1, but after Sunset Overdrive and Titanfall, my X1 became a glorified netflix machine. The exclusives are just lack luster to me and even though I bought every exclusive game through Halo 5, I just cannot get into what MS has to offer. Most of this Generation I have been once again, a Playstation gamer. I also aquired a 3DS and a VITA for portable JRPGs, remote play, and Zelda games.

HOWEVER, things changed a bit when the Switch came out. Now my primary console flips back and forth equally between my PS4 Pro and my Switch, favoring the Switch slightly overall. I have gotten back into Nintendo games and even picked up the old handhelds I missed out on for retro gaming Nintendo games from previous generations as well. I plan on playing many of the old 1st party Nintendo games I skipped as well. I also got a Philips CDi player...for the non canon Zelda spinoffs...

And that about sums it all up in a nutshell. I have played other consoles as well briefly, but it was always at a friend's house so I felt no need to include them on the list.

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