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Forums - Movies Discussion - Henry Cavill cast as The Witcher!

I don't think it's a good choice, but congrats to him. I hope he captures the essence of Geralt.

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Should have been Kevin Spacey

Really strange casting choice imo, but hopefully it will turn out well. Henry is a Witcher fan supposedly, so that's something at least.

There is probably a good reason why he was cast, so let's give him a chance.

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Well, this could go either way so lets give him a chance, I guess.

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HandofPrometheus said:
Every time I see or hear him I just get aggravated because of his Superman portrayal.

Why? I thought he did pretty well as Superman.

Nah. He is no fit.

Mh, whats Christopher Lambert doing these days i wonder.

Hunting Season is done...

Zoombael said:
Nah. He is no fit.

Mh, whats Christopher Lambert doing these days i wonder.

Ageing, I guess ...

ironmanDX said:
It's a role he actually mentioned wanting before being cast. He's a Witcher fan and hopefully that helps his performance.

The writing for the series will be a significantly more important to get right.

This. I don't think Cavill is a bad actor, good writing, direction, etc. Can make a good or even an average actor look like an Oscar winner. The converse is also true, bad writing can hurt a great actor even making a talented individual perform in a subpar manner. The series will succeed or fail for many other reasons more important than the lead.

Fucking hell man. Bas choice. Sure with makeup and a hairdo he can look the part, but he isn't a good actor. Too young in my opinion. Josh Holloway (Sawyer from lost) was the perfect actor for this part.