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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Streets of Rage 4 revealed + preview

Makes me wish Sonic Mania was hand drawn too.

The style looks amazing, looking forward to it.

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shikamaru317 said:

BTW guys, here are the results of Sega of Japan's most recent most wanted revival survey, with the revivals that have already been announced underlined:


  1. Sakura Wars (2457)
  2. Jet Set Radio (1485)
  3. Virtual On (729)
  4. Shenmue (727)
  5. Virtua Fighter (581)
  6. Panzer Dragoon (538)
  7. Shining Force (518)
  8. Skies of Arcadia (483)
  9. Streets of Rage (437)
  10. NiGHTS into dreams… (261)
  11. Space Channel 4 (234)
  12. Shinobi (144)
  13. Sangokushi Taisen Trading Cards
  14. Burning Rangers (115)
  15. Fashionable Witches Love & Berry (105)
  16. Alex Kidd (99)
  17. Outrun (96)
  18. Dreamcast (89)
  19. Daytona USA (70)
  20. Answer X Answer (66)


Wonder what will be next?

My top 5

  1. Shinobi
  2. Skies of Arcadia
  3. Virtua Fughter
  4. Panzer Dragoon
  5. Ecco the Dolphin
Sega really needs to run this survey in the US and EU as well. 

Didn't expect Alex Kidd to appear in the Top 20

That said, I want him in Smash rather than a new game from him.

My top 5:

5. Skies of Arcadia

4. Shinobi

3. Shining Force

2. Sega Rally Championship

1. Segagaga (and a western release this time!)

Nice, loving the visual style! I used to play these games all the time when I was younger, sidescrolling fighters simply disappeared after a while. There were more than a few great franchises in the genre though. Let's just hope this fares better than the woeful Golden Axe reboot a few years back.

Seems like a well draw indie. I love the originals, may play this.

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Thats awesome!!! Loved the series

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First Battletoads now Streets of Rage ? buying both

I game on all consoles and PC

I'm surprisingly quite pleased with the art style. Hi res, but still quite retro. I was always a Double Dragon guy when it came to beat em ups, but I'll for sure be buying this one. Hoping it comes to Steam. It'll go well with the Streets of Rage 1-3 I have in the Mega Drive collection.

That's cool. Now get a new Alex Kidd in the vein of Miracle World. That would be perfect with the Wonderboy Remake kind of graphic style.

Cool, I like that!

Gameplay > Graphics

Substance > Style

Art Direction > Realism

This looks lazy? or is it just me?