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Forums - Sales Discussion - Global Hardware 14 July 2018

Winds of change. People are seeing the light and it is wonderful.

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Switch finally pulls ahead in NA. Wonder if it will last.

Captain Toad putting in work.

First high quality new game for Switch in forever, first week Switch tops the sales charts in forever.

It's almost like people buy hardware to play games.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.

Ps4 finally dethroned. What an epic run

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Kerotan said:
Ps4 finally dethroned. What an epic run

20M sales FY18 granted.

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TheBlackNaruto said:
See I told Boffer to relax and that the next week could be different. Switch on top! And PS4 still going strong as ell even in 2nd! XB1 of course still have its best year ever.

If they hadn't NS on top for the week with both Octopath and Captain toad releasing, I would have been very concerned. The question is will Switch stay on top for the coming weeks (like the predicting tool suggests) or not?

All right, after like two months of being 30k behind PS4 (which isn’t even that much), Switch is ahead for one. Let’s see the downplaying.

More seriously, I wonder if it’ll hold the lead for another week or two before PS4 overtakes it again?

I wouldn't be surprised if it was in the lead for next week too.

Aren't we supposed to get the next NPD for July this week too ?

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DonFerrari said:
Jranation said:

1m sales didnt happened in its 1st week

I know, but there were 3 noteworthy titles on the week, so you get the general point.

Well honestly only Octopath i would say. Captain toad is a port and released on 3DS too...

I just think Switch momentum is back up since Fortnite/Smash/Pokemon announcements and early this year we just had no clue what was to come so there was no reason to buy it other than Zelda/Mario/Splatoon.

Switch being stable in japan might make it lead a couple of weeks during summer and i can see Switch leading a lot in Q4. Ps4 will crush everything in september with Spidey and RDR in october if i'm not mistaken.