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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What trophies and achievements say about you!


What kind of gamer are you?

Trophy Hunter 8 21.05%
Hardcore 14 36.84%
Story Gamer 11 28.95%
Casual Gamer 3 7.89%
Master of My Trade 2 5.26%

I guess I am a story gamer, then. I enjoy a game for what it is, not for what kind of trophies it offers. But still I try to see as much of game as possible, if the game is good. Like, I usually want to collect 100% of the items in a Metroid game. I searched for all hidden memories in BotW, though I would never waste my time and collect all 900 Korok seeds.

Trophies are a waste of time and effort in my eyes. A game should be entertaining enough without them. I disabled the pop up icon immediately on the PS3 and 4.

Speaking of BotW, the Korok seeds may not be trophies per se but you actually get a reward for finding all 900, and it's a pile of golden shit. Literally. Does anyone else beside me belive that this is nothing other than the developers making fun of trophy hunters? :D

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I love Toffees, but they can be bad for your teeth.

I'm not against Achievements and Trophies, but they should NEVER be used as a replacement for the game actually rewarding you with something. Otherwise, they're pretty much just artificial and superficial ways to pad and extend a game out.

I'd rather a game actually reward me with something meaningful like an unlockable for doing a certain thing; like do this on X difficulty and/or without getting hit to unlock a new weapon or character. Or like for the Last of Us, instead just a meaningless trophy for collecting all the Firefly pendents, unlock a backlog of the history of the Fireflies, the formation of the faction, anything.

Barozi said:

These are usually used to keep the achievement/trophy list spoiler free. Most commonly used for story achievements.

Maybe incidentally, but I would’ve had much more of them if that was generally the case. And their percentages would be higher. I could just be ‘unlucky’ in my game choices, but the few hidden ones I actually have were of the “Feed the monkey” calibur, keeping with Uncharted 4.

I'd be hardcore. There are times I don't feel like seeing the trophies of a game, especially if they're difficult or tedious for the platinum. I play through a game. If there are few trophies left for the platinum, I go for it.

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I guess I'm in between a story and hardcore gamer then. I usually try to get at least half of the achievements or trophies in a game unless they are too hard or time consuming to get. I usually only get all the achievements/trophies in a game if its super easy to get them all or I really like a game a lot.

I clicked story gamer but I'm more in between Story and Hardcore. I'll often do more than just the story part but I also never go after trophies especially if they don't give me any in-game reward.

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I'm kinda trophy hunter... but since there are so many games and my time is limited this is how I do myself.
I like the game + platinum isn't very hard or time consuming = get platinum
I love the game + platinum isn't near impossible = get platinum
Like the game + platinum is hard = finish game picking natural trophies
Don't like the game = abbandon in the middle

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I'm a casual I love short games but i put in more work in fighting ,shmups,platformers by beating those games though street fighter 5 and blazblue I'm just online only dont care for the story but all the fighting games i use extremely advanced combos

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TruckOSaurus said:
I clicked story gamer but I'm more in between Story and Hardcore. I'll often do more than just the story part but I also never go after trophies especially if they don't give me any in-game reward.

I'm the same -- BIG surprise :P