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Forums - Sony Discussion - what was your "FIRST GAME" for a playstation system?

i got two games with my PS1

The first one i ever played:



This was the other game i got


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Pretty sure it was either between Rascal or Crash Bandicoot. Followed by Guardian's Crusade.

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Final Fantasy 7. I bought a Playstation so that I could play Fantasy 7. It was worth every penny.

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Vigilante 8. Played all the time with friends. I miss this game.

The first game I ever played on a Playstation system was either Crash Bandicoot 3 or Medievil from what I can remember.

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With no memory card.

I bought Tomb Raider and Resident Evil before i could even find a console (it was sold out everywhere). When I finally found one, it came with a free copy of Battle Arena Toshinden.

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I waaaaant to saaaaay either Kingdom Hearts, Dark Cloud, Final Fantasy X, or Gran Turismo 3. I'm well aware that one of those things is not like the others.

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Gonna say Metal Slug X

Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style

Was a huge Nintendo fan and never wanted a PlayStation. But when Wu-Tang dropped a video game I had to have it. It is literally the only gave I ever owned for PS1. After I got bored with it I sold my PS1 and hopped right back on my N64. Funny how I’ve gone 360° as it pertains to Sony and Nintendo.


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