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Pre-order or not pre-order?

I'm ok with pre-order. 14 63.64%
Pre-ordering is bad. 7 31.82%
Don't know, can't say, I need to feed my pet. 1 4.55%

With how games are these days I don't see a reason to pre-order. I don't really buy physical games these days and collector editions are hardly of the same quality as the asking price. That and I don't see the point in pre-ordering if you do not know the outcome of the game.


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I pre-ordered a lot because I like making a list of budgeting around what games I'll be buying and plan ahead and set funds aside for specific releases and their release dates/months they release.

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pre-order from developers that you trust. That's what I do.

Ultrashroomz said:
I only pre-order games online so I can get the 20% discount from Best Buy/Amazon.

Even then, it's only for games I know for a fact I'm getting day one, like Smash Bros.

You get that same discount from Best Buy in the store, and you don't have to pre-order.


I preorder very big games, because Best Buy gives me $10 back to do so. Other than that, I absolutely do not pre-order. With so many broken games released these days, I don't think it's a good idea to reward the developers and publishers before you know they've actually made a good product.  I sell out on this principle for 10 bucks though  

Unless it's a very limited edition which has a vey high chance of being sold out, I don't even see a reason to preorder. Worse, I just wait a year and get the complete edition with all DLC and the like for less than half the price, so where's the point of preordering? Rewarding publishers for releasing broken, DLC-ridden and barely bug-checked games (as with the preorders, there's no incentive to do better, as they got their money already at release)? No thanks, I'll pass

I see the historical reason to preorder (to make sure your shop orders the game and you can get it), but it's not like that's a problem anymore these days even if you don't like digital distribution and want a physical version.

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Pre-ordering is pointless unless it is the collector's edition or an Amazon/Best Buy discount.

Some people just feel a sense of accomplishment in pre-ordering games for some reason. I can never tell why.

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I pre-order when it comes to games from smaller devs/publishers that won't necessarily even have a copy to buy of I waltz into the store on release day. Why take the risk? This guarantees my copy. Also, if there's a pre-order bonus for a beloved franchise, and it ISN"T crap, I'll occasionally partake in it. For rank and file, big time releases though? Almost always no.

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I pre-order if ...

1) It's limited physical release of an Indie dev.

2) Collector or Special physical Edition

3) If I know they'll probably be out of stock fast for a big release.

But usually, I don't cuz I got the best trick in the world !!

Being the first customer at my local EB Games early morning,lol.

Though now that I learned about Octopath Traveler shortages everywhere I'm kinda glad they anticipated copies for people who didn't pre-order it.

Also, when I do pre-order, the guarantee in money a give them is given back into my purchase, so I consider it more like a loan of some sort. But I do think the way they try to incentivise pre-orders with a buttload of exclusive content with certain version is bullcrap for us consumers.

(I mean just look a the StarLink Startup pack for the Switch version which has the StarFox Airwings in it with exclusive missions and characters, it's clear this is meant to insentivise people to pre-order the Switch version instead of the vanilla one on PS4/Xbone)

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Well, it is not always true, that you can readily get the game. On the Octopath release I went into a shop on the way home from work to look, and it was sold out. Felt fine, because I knew my copy awaited me in my mailbox. I probably would've found it, if I looked into different shops, also some that aren't on my way home. But it is so much easier to check the mailbox. So, convenience.

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Yeah I dont understand the anti preorder movement. Like I can cancel at any time with no cost to me, it guarantees that I can get the game day 1, I get a bonus with my game if I do go through with the purchase and thanks to how EB Games works here if its cheaper elsewhere I can price match and if I dont end up liking the game I have 7 days to return it for a full refund. Shit I still have preorder bonuses of games I returned 7 days later. I literally didnt have the money for Dragons Crown when it launched but the preorder bonus was an artbook so I bought the game, got my book and returned the game the next day so I had the money back in time for what it was actually needed for :D