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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are games being announced too early?

I'm honestly starting to believe they are. Cyberpunk was revealed FIVE YEARS ago and to this day there is still no gameplay. Starfield and TESVI are both pre-alpha yet they were revealed as well. So the question is why? Why the fuck are publishers revealing games so damn early especially when games are taking longer to develop nowadays? I mean its not like these games won't sell like Fallout 4 did when it revealed a couple months before release.

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Yeah I agree. Games should be announced 6 months to a year before launch in an ideal world. If GTA IV was announced tomorrow and it came out in November its sales would be no different than had it been announced 2 years ago.

On the hand we gamers are whiners. We complain and speculate if we don't see a particular developer announce what they are working on (cough Retro cough) even if it may be in no condition to be shown.

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There seems to be a tendency to this. Elon Musk’s Tesla has been burned by the preannouncements. What is the point of advertising something that isn’t available for purchase?

Steve Jobs had great phrase: “...and available to buy after after the show”

Be like. resident evil 2 remake. Announce, show release date and and then release 7 months later.

Don’t be like. Ffvii r. Kingdom hearts 3. And announce 4-5 years in advance. Sometimes even announced before active development even starts.

Yeah I do think some games are announced WAY too early, but part of the blame lies with the fans themselves for being too impatient to wait until there's sufficient material to show off, so we're drip fed the smallest things to keep us "happy", like maybe a few screenshots or a tweet telling us they're still working on it, or if we're really lucky a trailer... and then we complain because there isn't enough or that it's too long... I guess developers shouldn't cave in so easily and just announce games like 6-12 months before they plan to release them, that way we get plenty of info and such in a shorter period of time and everyone is happy. But then there's always the leaks and such which keep people speculating and expecting new info sooner too, lol.

tl;dr yes some games are announced too early, but I think the fans are just as much to blame as the developers.

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AAA games are often nnounced years ahead to create buzz. Some games simply get lost in development hell as well.

In my memory this really started to be a thing in the 6th gen as games became much more ambitious in story telling and 3D worlds.

If youre avid gamer, the major consoles have plenty to play so I dont focus on stuff in development per se. But I didnt buy a PS4 until numerous games I wanted to play were actually out.

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What do we hear every E3? "OMG that conference sucked there were no new games announced." Every E3. These people are poison.

It's a constant cycle of complaints that nothing new was announced OR complaints that games are announced too soon. It's like the situation where people complain about CGI trailers or announcements with no visuals but then complain about downgrades when gameplay is shown way too early for anything to be finalized. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

I kind of wish Bethesda hadn't given in to the pressure. I understand that some people would rag on their every conference without TES but still.

On the other hand, personally, I don't give a rat's rear about games being announced "too soon," not unless we're talking about something ridiculous. If I want to play a game then I want to play a game. I don't suddenly not want to play it because an extra year goes past. When Cyberpunk comes out, if it's a quality game, I'm going to want to play it. When the next TES game comes out, if it's a quality game, I'm going to want to play it.

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Considering Nintendo announced Metroid Prime 4 last year and then this year, didn't even mention it... I vote yes.

No, they're just developed too slowly.

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