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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Update: Warframe announced for Switch, being ported by Panic Button

dx11332sega said:
Asriel said:
No idea. I was hoping for Nier Automata, but it seems that, while Platinum would like that to happen, there's not Switch version underway yet.

I'm hopin for a Persona 5 

That would be indeed awesome!

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here's to hoping its a game I am interested in this time

AHH, this takes me back to the good old Wii U days when we were all speculating what major port tantalus were working on...turned out to be Twilight Princess HD

Mnementh said:
JEMC said:

After reading the comments I have to make an honest question: Why are some of you naming newly announced games like Fallout 76, the new Quake and Wolfenstein or even REmake2? Those games wouldn't be in development alongside the other versions of those games, so it wouldn't be a port but a version of it. I mean, I don't see anyone saying that the PS4 versions of those games are ports, right?

Because of that, I think that this game is a port of an already released game. Which one? I have no idea.

I saw people claiming Zelda for Switch is a port.

You're right. People seem to use the term port in a derogatory way, specially when Nintendo or PC are involved.

Please excuse my bad English.

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Being more serious this time and considering the relationship between Panic Button and Bethesda, it is most likely Fallout 4.

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Wishful thinking: RDR or Witcher 3.

Hoping for Overwatch.

KLAMarine said:
Hoping for Overwatch.

Between the first party stuff Nintendo already has, and the addition of Paladins and Fortnite as well as Smash, Tennis, and Mario Party incoming, I think i'd rather the port focus on some good single player game with a strong narrative than another esport or multiplayer game. Don't get me wrong, I love multiplayer games, but I think Nintendo has a healthy amount of them and more on the way. They need more single player/open world kind of games!

I hope it's something current gen; all PB's Switch ports so far have been.

Overwatch seems a reasonable possibility in light of their work on Rocket League and the recent releases of Paladins and Fortnite. I wouldn't touch it myself, but it'd be a useful addition to the system's library in terms of bolstering its mainstream appeal.

PB really have done a lot for the Switch, without them the system's third party lineup would look a lot less appealing.

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