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Which Of The Systems You Don't Own Has The Best Games?

Playstation 4 13 26.53%
Xbox One 5 10.20%
Switch 16 32.65%
PC 4 8.16%
If there is even 1 game o... 11 22.45%

There's a few on the Xbox side of things I'd like to try
Halo MCC, Halo5-6. Recore, Sunset, Cuphead, Sea of Thieves and Super Lucky's Tale

But Switch/PS4/Steam takes up most of my time and monies.
Maybe someday..

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irstupid said:

No Xbox or PC? I don't know about KH3, but FF15 is on the other two. Or you could play the mobile version of 15. It's in a chibi style, but same game otherwise.

I have a Mac, so not really, lol. I also don't have an XBO because, once again, I don't really have enough time/care enough to purchase another console other than the Switch. I play a new game maybe three-five times a year, so two consoles+ would be a waste.

Edit: And I'd buy a PS4 before thinking about an XBO if I did feel the need to own another console.

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I'm lucky in that even though I don't own an XBOX this generation, the vast majority of good games for it are also on the PC. And unlike some, I have no issues buying from and playing games from the Windows 10 store. I mean, I only have Recore and Killer Instinct from it at the moment, but I will not hesitate to buy something from it if I have to.

Sunset Overdrive, though. Man, I wish that game came to the PC. I'm not buying a system just for that game, though. I'd also like to see Halo Master Chief Collection come to PC as well. I would never buy it for the XBOX though since I don't do FPS's with controllers. Only mice.

I don't have an Ouya, but there's no title I want on it. Outside of that, I have a PS4, Switch, XBO, 3DS, Vita, and a PC. So I pretty much miss nothing.

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I own all hardware. But basically I'm on Nintendo/Sony side.


CyberPunk 2077 (PC)

Gears of War 5 (PC )

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CrazyGamer2017 said:
Kyuu said:
The games you listed + FE: Three Houses, SMT5 and Forza Horizon 4.

Ok but don't hesitate to be more specific and explain in more detail why you don't have this or that system and don't forget to say which system(s) you have as not everybody will immediately be able to know which system you game on.

This is not necessarily easy to do. This tread makes you consider hardware you don't have and the games on those systems that you consider good. I think this is interesting cause it pu  shes people to look beyond the boundaries of their favorite hardware. We can all speak of the games we love on systems we have but games we'll probably never play on systems we don't plan to buy, not so easy to do

Cant reply in detail coz I recentlybhave no access to a PC and my crappy Note 2 keeps on crashing. Posting in VGV is one hellof a buggy experience (took 10 minutes and a couple of crashes to write this)

XBox - Cuphead, Ori and the Blind Forest
PS4 - LittleBigPlanet 3

collint0101 said:
Owning everything is nice

If you have a bank account capable of keeping you afloat despite buying every system out there then yeah I guess it would be nice.

Switch - Splatoon2.

I happen to own all the hardware of this gen, but I'm still finding rather few games to be hyped about...