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Most Anticipated E3 Press Conference/Event of 2018?

Bethesda 106 4.07%
Devolver Digital 16 0.61%
Electornic Arts 5 0.19%
Microsoft 315 12.10%
Nintendo 1,105 42.45%
PC Gaming Show 26 1.00%
Sony 892 34.27%
Square Enix 79 3.03%
Ubisoft 17 0.65%
None of the Above 42 1.61%

Bethesda is first for me. A new Fallout means I'll be very interested and Rage 2 looks good. If Starfield is announced, and is actually a "Fallout in space", then they'll have won without question.

Sony is second, mainly because I really want to see more of Ghost of Tsushima.

Microsoft is third, mostly because I can play most of their games on PC.

Ubisoft can be hit or miss, I have no idea. Their "train wreck" conferences can be gruesomely entertaining, though.

I'm not really interested in EA, Activision, or Nintendo, not unless they pull out a surprise.

Borderlands 3 isn't supposed to be a E3 but if that's a smokescreen then it could change my priorities significantly.

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Microsoft, then Sony, then Nintendo

Honestly, none.

MS has been underwhelming all gen, PS4 is on its final years, and honestly, Sony's announcements policy don't get me hyped anymore because games take too long to launch. Last, Nintendo's E3 will probably be underwhelming too... they explicitly said they will show only 2018 games while leaving the 2019 games to a later event this year. I mean, we all know about Smash and the Pokémon spin off that will come this year, so if it really focus on 2018... there will be few or no surprises at all.

So yeah, I think we're looking at one of the worst E3s of the past 10 years.

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golfgt170 said:
Do we even have anything from MS? they are too silent. Maybe they will bomb us with some announcements?

Rumours have it as below

Perfect Dark 2 (New)

Banjo Kazooie Remake (New)

Fable 4 (New)

Age of Empires 4 (New)

Gears of War RTS (Spin off)

Forza Horizon 4 (Obviously)

Halo 6 (Obviously)

So far from what iv been hearing.

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Probably Sony, but whoever shows Cyberpunk would get a big boost for me.

That said, if Sony adds Bloodbourne 2 to Death Stranding and Last of Us 2 it would be pretty impossible to beat (for me).

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Bethesda, then Sony, then Nintendo.

Nintendo due to Smash, Prime 4 and likely the next Retro game, Sony close second with Death Stranding and Shadows Die Twice.

I'm looking forward to MS's conference as I feel they'll go all out and show lots of their new projects. Additionaly I expect quite few 3rd parties will show titles for the first time ever there.

Azzanation said:
golfgt170 said:
Do we even have anything from MS? they are too silent. Maybe they will bomb us with some announcements?


COOL ty!!! Really looking forward to forza horizon 4. It Will be a technical showcase!!

Nintendo of course. And maybe Ubisoft.

I feel like Sony is going to be boring like last year. MS needs to give me a reason to buy an Xbox One X this E3. They need to.

Everything else, meh.