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Most Anticipated E3 Press Conference/Event of 2018?

Bethesda 106 4.07%
Devolver Digital 16 0.61%
Electornic Arts 5 0.19%
Microsoft 315 12.10%
Nintendo 1,105 42.45%
PC Gaming Show 26 1.00%
Sony 892 34.27%
Square Enix 79 3.03%
Ubisoft 17 0.65%
None of the Above 42 1.61%

As always the Sony press conference is the one which I am looking the most forward to.

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Sony, hands down. Probably Nintendo second, MS third. I have all 3 systems, and I’m far more hopeful for Nintendo’s game output than MS’s. Tho, if MS finally puts its money where it’s mouth is, then they could have an interesting conference as well. But I’ve kind of grown tired of giving MS the benefit of the doubt. 

1. Sony, because of Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima etc.
2. Square Enix because of a potential KH3 Release Date, Maybe some new FFVII Remake footage and left alive.

3. Bethesda because of Fallout 76

Im excited for all of them except for PC and EA, but Nintendo will always be the one Im looking the most forward to.

Sony, easily.

- The Last of Us - Part 2
- Ghost of Tsushima
- Death Stranding
- Spider-Man
- Shadows Die Twice (Bloodborne 2)
- Devil May Cry 5

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1 - SONY (Best system this gen, can't wait to hear about their exclusives and other games they may have in store)

2 - SQUARE ENIX (With all the amazing titles they have, I'm really interested in this conference)

3 - NINTENDO (Only major player in this business that has great games I care about but since I don't plan to get a Switch I'll just listen to them and stay informed)

4 - BETHESDA (Only a new Edler's Scrolls and a new Doom 2016 part two would interest me, I'm not hoping much in this department but I'll listen, just in case)

5 - MICROSOFT (Historically never really cared about this brand, this gen is even worse but it's still a major player so I'll listen and stay informed)

6 - EA (The few quality franchises they have are in the freezer (Dead Space, Mirror's Edge, Unravel...) So I'll listen out of curiosity but I have no interest in their loot box cancerous games)

7 - UBISOFT (Same issue as I have with EA, but unlike EA this company has no titles whatsoever that I may care for so it will be listen and forget)

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Not really hyped for any of them, I'm more excited about the Smash Bros invitational than anything else, lol

Nintendo, you'll just never know what kind of crap they're gonna pull, for better or for worse. They will always be the most entertaining to me.

Sony for sure. I already know MS’s show is going to be extremely dissapointing (what else is new?), but Sony most likely has some surprises up their sleeves, and I’d love to know what.

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I've stopped caring about Sony the moment they forgot about their JRPGs, never cared for Microsoft's output and still think the Switch is awful and refuse to watch something that can make me want one. That only leaves me with anything that Square Enix can come up with and a small hope that something for the 3DS shows up on the Treehouse.