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Forums - Sports Discussion - Football Thread 21/22


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Premier League winner?

Liverpool 2 $200.22 22.22%
Manchester City 7 $3,356.75 77.78%
Totals: 9 $3,556.97  
Game closed: 05/11/2019

How did the Saudis reach the World Cup?

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Whelp even we would have done better then this

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Russia 5 - 0 S. Arabia

Was actually a decent match to watch. Russia played really well, though Saudi Arabia was awful. Would not be surprised if they get absolutely no points from this group.

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Don't care if these don't count now. Just my two cents.

A - Uruguay and Russia
B- Portugal and Spain
C- France and Denmark
D- Argentina and Croatia
E- Brazil and Switzerland
F- Germany and Mexico
G- Belgium and England
H- Colombia and Poland

I'd have either France or Belgium as winners.

Also on the BBC live commentary, someone as made my day using one of my less favourite phrase (although I call it a grammatical error) in the way I use it to mock it. Texting in about the 'World Cup Finals proper (sic)' or (in English) the World Cup Finals Finals. Lol

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Lol 5-0.

Suarez and Cavani will have fun against the Saudis.


Boy, and I almost thought 3-0 was too high already.

Anyway, here's my next predictions.

Egypt 0 - 1 Uruguay
Morocco 2 - 1 Iran
Portugal 0 - 0 Spain
France 4 - 0 Australia
Argentina 3 - 1 Iceland
Peru 2 - 0 Denmark
Croatia 3 - 2 Nigeria
Costa Rica 0 - 3 Serbia
Germany 1 - 0 Mexico
Brazil 3 - 1 Switzerland
Sweden 1 - 2 South Korea
Belgium 4 - 0 Panama
Tunisia 1 - 2 England
Colombia 3 - 2 Japan
Poland 2 - 1 Senegal

5-0....GG izi Pizzi 


And FIFA are doubling the amount of AFC teams at the World Cup soon...