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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which console will Team Sonic Racing sell the most on?


I think it'll sell best on...

Switch 61 75.31%
PS4 17 20.99%
Xbox One 3 3.70%

Some numbers for related past games, for reference:


Sonic All Stars Racing

Wii: 1.45m

PS3: 0.96m

360: 0.76m


Sonic Racing Transformed

360: 0.58m

 Wii U: 0.53m

PS3: 0.49m


Sonic Forces

Switch: 0.59m

PS4: 0.41m

Xbox One: 0.19m

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Switch, and by a really far amount.

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I don't care, ill be getting it on PC (If it releases)
But I will say Switch if I had to guess.

- Enters thread to say "I don't care", answers question anyway.


Those sonic transformed figures curl posted , really put it into perspective, even the WiiU version outsold the PS3 and was very close to the 360, these games just sell best on Nintendo platforms.

DialgaMarine said:
Japan - Switch
Worldwide - PS4, no contest

Wouldn't be so sure. For Sonic Forces also in the US the Switch-version outsold the PS4-version (300K vs. 80K). Only europe turned out in favor of the PS4 (250K vs. 220K).

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Probably the Switch.

Kyuu said:
Hard to say. Depends on whether PS4 owners starvation for a good kart racer exceeds Switch owners' openness for a non-Mario kart.

Essentially this.


Although if the game is bad I expect that will hurt PS4 sales not really the Switches

Sonic Transformers was a Wii U launch window release right? And it came before Mario Kart 8 so I think that would have definitely aided its sales.

It will be closely tied between Switch and the PS4. Switch owners have proven they like that genre of racing game, plus Sonic games sold better there, but PS4 has the bigger audience and Sonic Racing doesn't have that much competition there. Close, but I'd say the Switch version.

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Despite the 80million PS4..... I would say the Switch

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