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Forums - General Discussion - So I got permabanned from ResetEra

Majin-Tenshinhan said:
I can't believe you're surprised about being banned from ResetERA.

Never hung around NeoGAF. I'm a PC gamer so I never really stuck my head out over there (or here on VGC for that matter) until a few months ago. I'm just a nerd who likes looking at data and trends and discussing what's happening. I try to stay away from political nonsense but cannot stand unjustified irrational behavior (on the left or right). I'd seen plenty of people getting 1-3 day bans on Era for similar behavior in similar threads but my own ban was the first permanent one I came across. Since it was my first "infraction"  and my only crime was seeking out actual evidence I'm still sorta in disbelief over it.

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Lol they are still salty over gamergate.

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Teeqoz said:
Aeolus451 said:

Maybe you're more right leaning than you think or know. You did ask for evidence before grabbing the ol' pitchfork. 😹

Do you think that is a sign of being right or left leaning? Do you think that can tell you anything about the political views of a person, aside from being reasonable?

Yeah, right leaning or more centrist and yes to the other question too. Alot of people don't put alot of thought into their politics and just lump themselves into whatever sounds good or aligns with one thing with them. It's complicated so people's opinions evolve as they gain more experience and learn new things. Sometimes they realize they had it completely wrong.

TheBird said:
Went through Vavra's twitter, he literally has done nothing wrong but show hatred towards communism, which is perfectly alright because communism is shit and has killed millions of innocent people. He's a good guy, fuck ResetEra.

I think you're derailing.

I think you won.
I suppose.

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Never heard of that website but if they are one of those politically motivated websites that will praise those who agree with them and ban those who disagree then I have no interest to ever become a member there. Being allowed there (or anywhere) simply cause I agree with their views means they don't give a damn about me, only about my voice as being an echo of their own beliefs. That kind of narrow-mindedness is not for me. I'm a freethinker, I can only thrive in freedom of expression and freedom of expression is only truly tested when what you say is in total contradiction with the masters of the place's beliefs and them still allowing you to freely express yourself.

Not that many places on the net like that, this place here seems to put value on freedom of expression, at least so far...

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Btw which site is bigger now, resetera or neogaf?

numberwang said:
Btw which site is bigger now, resetera or neogaf?

ResetEra threads usually have a minimum of about 2 to 3 pages of 100 posts

NeoGaf now can barely get 20 posts per thread. I honestly havent seen a thread go for longer then 3 pages and I think there, its only 50 posts per page.

I'd argue that to be a positive since it's only purpose is to politically indoctrinate every user that it comes into contact with ...

Don't bother wasting your time there. Just a bunch of SJW bitch ass niggas.


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