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Forums - General Discussion - So I got permabanned from ResetEra

ResetEra mods are very SJW and therefore can't stand Vavra, so it's not really surprising.

Recently they were threatening to ban people for saying that the female British soldier with a prosthetic limb in Battlefield V isn't historically accurate, but the mods are wrong, it's not historically accurate. The British army didn't allow women to have frontline combat positions, and they definitely didn't send people back out to fight after an amputation. They let their SJW tendencies get in the way of good moderation.

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Nem said:
Internet forums are not bastions of liberty and freedom of speech. They are spaces made by specific people with specific views.

For example, on mmo champion, you have people defending genocide and saying traitors deserve death (being traitors are innocents that want to be with their families in this case) in the name of a videogame character. If you talk against that, you are the one infracted, because once they hide behind the skirt of their game, they somehow aren't responsible for the inhumane things they say anymore.

Aka people have their agendas everywhere and the internet is an ugly place. You seem like a good guy, i enjoyed one of your follow up posts for the accuracy.
How to say...F them? Not everyone is worth our time. Maybe they did you a favor.

Groupthink is such shit. Why can't people think for themselves? I just don't get it.

It's disappointing cause I was enjoying the discussions I was having in the Media Create threads there and such. They really know a lot about video games and have a huge source of data going back years and years.

Pfft. Thats the worse place to have a discussuion, its a hivemind echo chamber over there.

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Megiddo said:

That's the odd thing. I'm "far left" (in American terms, not global). I'm a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. There isn't any active political party in the US that is more to the left of them. I don't want to think of the idea of "Hey, since this guy hasn't really said any white supremacist or racist stuff, maybe he isn't a racist?" is some kind of complex idea that relies on political ideology.

I learned this lesson during the Neogaf days. Don't even think about suggesting rational discourse when it comes to anything that has a slight political tinge to it. Just don't do it.

I also consider myself pretty left but after asking some questions akin to yours during the gamergate days i was also permbanned.

if you aren't a sheep then you do not belong on there with the rest of the herd

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I don't like discussions about social issues like this. There's two very vocal groups with opposing points of view, and each group has its own 'truth', and if you stray from 'the truth', you're not going to have a good time. ResetEra's official stance is that of one of these groups, and it's also why I really don't like that place even though I'd like to. I went there for a while but I felt oppressed in what I could say - and I consider myself a fairly reasonable discusser. It's not that even got moderated or anything, but the atmosphere simply was bad. The funny part is that I'm probably closer to the official views of ResetEra than those of the 'opposing side', yet I'd much rather hear even opposing views as long as the tone is civil that be in an echo chamber.

It's reason like this why Trump won and why I am glad he did, simply because of the mob mentality and intolerance of the left. These people are basically turning more and more people against them, and for good reason. The more stories like this I hear, the more I'm glad to not be part of them. I would say it's their loss and move on.

haxxiy said:
By the way, does anyone know if NeoGaf became a more "reasonable" (meaning, more to the centre of politics) forum ever since the whole mob left en masse for ResetEra?

NeoGaf today is far right.

Imagine the most intolerable, unhinged and detached from reality communities on GAF splintered off and started their own forum. That’s what Resetera is. Are you shocked that they’d ban you for not mindlessly falling in line with their idiocy? The bans there have been hilarious.

Went through Vavra's twitter, he literally has done nothing wrong but show hatred towards communism, which is perfectly alright because communism is shit and has killed millions of innocent people. He's a good guy, fuck ResetEra.