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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who else is ready for Rage 2? Announce at E3 is looking highly likely.

Today Walmart Canada listed several games which haven't been announced yet, and among them was Rage 2. The official Rage twitter account, which has been totally dormant for years, tweeted about it, seemingly confirming the validity of the leak:

So, are you hyped for Rage 2? I know I am. I really liked the first, it had great enemy AI (which few shooters since have rivaled), a cool Mad Max like setting, and a character voiced by John Goodman, hard to get much better than that.Also, the wingstick might be one of the most fun weapons in any game. 

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I got into Rage way too late and I've never been able to finish it. I think I'm about half way through after playing on and off for literally 5 years.

I'll give it a proper crack eventually. It really is a good game I've just never had the time.

Yeah no. Id rather ID making Doom 5.

But after Doom I'll give ID a chance and you never know, a Rage 2 might turn out to be awesome

bananaking21 said:
Yeah no. Id rather ID making Doom 5.

But after Doom I'll give ID a chance and you never know, a Rage 2 might turn out to be awesome

Rage fans have been waiting since 2011 for a sequel, Doom fans have only been waiting since 2016. 'Tis only fair. 

I liked RAGE, but due to how id tech 5 ran, well, the game ran like arse on most platforms and systems. Seeing Rage 2 running on the new id tech 6 engine would definitely be a nice sight to see.

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First had a a very unappealing art design.

So no, zero interest here, sorry.

ID seems pretty pissed at Walmart right now, it must be real.

It was a good game. I liked it. It just was not what it should have been or what people were expecting.

To begin with, the scale was so small. Nothing really measured up to other big FPS games in terms of scope. For example, the Borderlands world was better in almost every way possible. It was like RAGE had all kinds of potential but tapped so little of it that it was disappointing. I remember going to that deserted city, thinking it was going to be epic, but it was basically nothing.

And then, bam, the game is over. The length was certainly another disappointment. It makes you believe that finally things are going to kick into gear but it's really like a prequel for something that never happened.

It did have areas where it shined. It was a very tense corridor shooter, mostly because the melee guys were really dangerous. Of course, that could also be a negative, as I found myself doing the old-school "move backwards while shooting" thing a whole lot. Weapons were good, as well, though I remember being underwhelmed by the skills.

Anyway, the game had potential. If RAGE 2 is real and the reviews are good, I'll give it a chance.

bananaking21 said:
Yeah no. Id rather ID making Doom 5.


I tried Rage on my 360, but quit after a few hours and never went back to it. Ended up trading it in. It was technically polished, but it just lacked any heart or soul. Nothing about it was broken, but on the other hand nothing about it was particularly inspired or compelling either. It was functional, but just no fun.

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I never played the first game, heard it was pretty bad from the people I know that had played it, so didn't bother buying it to see either...