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It was a good game. I liked it. It just was not what it should have been or what people were expecting.

To begin with, the scale was so small. Nothing really measured up to other big FPS games in terms of scope. For example, the Borderlands world was better in almost every way possible. It was like RAGE had all kinds of potential but tapped so little of it that it was disappointing. I remember going to that deserted city, thinking it was going to be epic, but it was basically nothing.

And then, bam, the game is over. The length was certainly another disappointment. It makes you believe that finally things are going to kick into gear but it's really like a prequel for something that never happened.

It did have areas where it shined. It was a very tense corridor shooter, mostly because the melee guys were really dangerous. Of course, that could also be a negative, as I found myself doing the old-school "move backwards while shooting" thing a whole lot. Weapons were good, as well, though I remember being underwhelmed by the skills.

Anyway, the game had potential. If RAGE 2 is real and the reviews are good, I'll give it a chance.