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Who Responds Best to What Fans Want?

Microsoft 10 11.63%
Nintendo 12 13.95%
Sony 64 74.42%

Depends what fans want. So in a way they all are doing quite well.

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This is a hard question to answer. I'll start by saying that Nintendo is definitely the least responsive. They simply don't give a shit what anyone says. They do what they think is best. Sometimes they're right, sometimes they're wrong. But, they're never gonna change for you, me, or anyone else.

It would seem that Sony has delivered what gamers want the most recently. But, I feel like MS has done the most changing in response to fan feedback. That may be because they didn't listen upfront though. I voted for Sony, assuming that they didn't just get lucky with all of their hits lately. I'm figuring they have produced these great, appealing games because they've correctly read the market, and given the market what it wants.

The one that showed FF7 Remake, TLG, and Shenmue 3 at a single E3.

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Wouldn't the point about Metroid Federation Force be over turned by the fact that they are developing Metroid Prime 4?

Also, here's something I wonder about. Are you able to change your PSN name yet? I know that has been a wanted feature, and I too would like to change mine if possible.



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As a PC gamer, I'd have to go with Microsoft. They've been bringing their games over here and enavling crossplay, which Sony refuses to do. However, if I had bought an xbox one for the exclusives, I'd have considerable buyers remorse at this point.

Sony did well at first, but they have been really slipping these past couple years. Nintendo are... hit and miss. The Switch is the system I've been asking for for years, and they're bringing good stuff to it. However, it all falls apart as soon as the internet is connected.

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It's clearly sony without a shadow of a doubt. And why anybody would select Microsoft in the poll is beyond me, they have been the worst for years, theyre deceitful and almost ignore their fans on purpose sometimes (it seems).

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I would say Sony in the longterm and very recently Microsoft. Sony dropped a huge bomb when they announced the $299 pricepoint. They went compact disk when Nintendo stuck with cartridges even though developers were against it(Square and Namco did not release a single game for the n64, I think Capcom released one). They were the first to make their console region free of the big three(I think the 3D0 was technically region free?). Sony flaunted that 2nd hand games would still exist in a full capacity when the Xbox One wanted to eliminate it. Vita havingtwo analog sticks off the bat was awesome too. However they make some silly mistakes like proprietory(and expensive) cards for the Vita and the bizarre decision NOT to have an UHD bluray drive in their premium 4k focused PS4 Pro.

Microsoft in the last 3 years have improved alot with the Elite controller, Xbox one X hardware, backward compatibility, great bundles, UHD player in the S and X consoles, great redesign of the S that didn't remove features(ie optical port from the PS4 Slim) but actually added features like the UHD drive. But sadly have very few quality exclusives.

StokedUp said:
It's clearly sony without a shadow of a doubt. And why anybody would select Microsoft in the poll is beyond me, they have been the worst for years, theyre deceitful and almost ignore their fans on purpose sometimes (it seems).

Here's my logic:

+Got rid of Kinect

+Heard complaints about FPS and Resolution and released the XBO X for those who cared.

+The console itself asks for feedback whenever a new feature is added (ie: "How do you feel about navigating the Microsoft Store")

+Got rid of the adapter "brick"

+Added backwards compatiblity, even for games that aren't available digitally

+Has a specific page where you can make suggestions about what you want the console to do--and actually implements them in a relatively short amount of time (Sony has one, too. I just don't think they take ideas into account as much)

+Updated the controller when people complained about it initially

+Constantly evolves their dashboard interface basedon user feedback

+Added crossplay with other consoles and PC

+Added instant refund for digital purchases

+Got rid of their initial consumer unfriendly policies (ie: DRM)

+ Offers a game download service instead of a game streaming service

+Allows the use of any image to be uploaded as a profile pic

+PC mods for certain games

-Haven't released/announced certain demanded games

-No controller version that has a built in rechargeable battery

-Raised the price of their online to $60 annually



+Added external HDD support

+Added the ability to group games into files

+Updated the PSVR to support HDR (too late for me, though..)

+Allows and image to be used as a profile banner

-Still no option to turn off controller light

-Still no option to change PSN ID

-won't allow cross play with everybody else when Nintendo and M$ will

-Raised the price of their online service to $60 annually

-actually accused me of constantly abusing their digital return policy when I tried to return a digital game to purchase the deluxe version of the same game!


Like I said earlier, I think Sony has a winning plan. They don't really need to change much to keep their fanbase happy. Meanwhile, Microsoft had to change a lot to recover from their disastrous pre-launch. Pretty much anything fans ask, they allow it. I even sent an email about my dislike for the confirmation sounds on the dashboard menus and they changed the sounds to something less abrasive!


I'm not the authority and this isn't a comprehensive list for either company (and Nintendo, my favorite if the three, just does not give a fuck! Doesn't make them a bad company. They just aren't the best when it comes to responding to demands). I just posted my thoughts and what made me feel the way I do.

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Nymeria said:
Lately? Sony has focused on their core market for a good decade after making mistakes. The PlayStation 4 was made with developers and gamers in mind. They also focus heavily on studios and exclusives while managing to give new ideas and reward fan favorites. Others may surprise me, but I trust Sony to deliver.

To be honest they always focused on their core market since the ps1, they just misinterpreted what their core market wanted with the ps3 and how much they could afford to spend on a console. They quickly corrected it, well, about as quickly as any company could in this industry. They fucked up in 2006 and had righted the ship by 2008 and gotten everything up the full sail by 2009. Xbox fucked up in 2013 quite as badly, if not way worse and have still in 2018 yet to show as much improvement as Sony did in that near five year time span, fixing only little things like BC and surface stuff no one really cares too deeply for, still not getting the new IP out if at all. Nintendo fucked up in late 2012 and it took then almost five years to right the hardware issue and over five to get the software issue sorted but the used those five years well and made a splash.


Even though if you were asking me a year or two ago it'd be



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I really appreciate that Sony did not give up on The Last Guardian and most of the the stuff I want to play is on Playstation. Also making a more powerful system like they did with the Pro is up my alley of appreciation too. So yeah, Sony is my choice for gaming. It's not perfect and there are a few things I would love to see improved but all in all I'm good with my PS4 Pro.