I would say Sony in the longterm and very recently Microsoft. Sony dropped a huge bomb when they announced the $299 pricepoint. They went compact disk when Nintendo stuck with cartridges even though developers were against it(Square and Namco did not release a single game for the n64, I think Capcom released one). They were the first to make their console region free of the big three(I think the 3D0 was technically region free?). Sony flaunted that 2nd hand games would still exist in a full capacity when the Xbox One wanted to eliminate it. Vita havingtwo analog sticks off the bat was awesome too. However they make some silly mistakes like proprietory(and expensive) cards for the Vita and the bizarre decision NOT to have an UHD bluray drive in their premium 4k focused PS4 Pro.

Microsoft in the last 3 years have improved alot with the Elite controller, Xbox one X hardware, backward compatibility, great bundles, UHD player in the S and X consoles, great redesign of the S that didn't remove features(ie optical port from the PS4 Slim) but actually added features like the UHD drive. But sadly have very few quality exclusives.