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Who Responds Best to What Fans Want?

Microsoft 10 11.63%
Nintendo 12 13.95%
Sony 64 74.42%

Sony, then Nintendo. MS just seem to do what makes them happy.

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Sony. Whatever they did to get Tetsuya Nomura to think "I'm releasing KH3 and its obviously going to be a PS game, but the games in the series are scattered across multiple platforms. If I had to choose one platform to unite the games on before releasing KH3, which would it be? Obviously, PlayStation."

Sony respond to what fans want and cater to as many demographics as possible
Nintendo cater to their fans with nostalgia and family friendly games (That's their core philosophy)
Microsoft do nothing unless they're forced to.


The PS5 Exists. 

Listening to the fans is not always a good thing. For instance - the Switch wouldn't even exist if Nintendo listened to their fans. But now most seem to be very happy Nintendo went in that direction.

Kai_Mao said:
manuel said:
Sony so much it's not even a contest. (Makes me wonder why I still keep supporting Nintendo all the time...)

Why do you then? (rhetorical question)

Sometimes, we support certain things despite knowing their flaws.

And some of the things they don't "listen" to may be somewhat opinion-based. For example, I don't really care much for trophies/achievements. Sometimes I acknowledge getting a trophy on my PS4, but I don't think of it much after that as that's not usually the priority in my gaming experience.

Yeah, I just love those guys. I can't help it.

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Right now it's Microsoft. They're basically just doing whatever gamers ask for. Sony is on top and doesn't give a fuck (PS Now instead of BC and... guess what... they don't care. Suck it) and Nintendo never does what you want... they do what they think you want.

Microsoft was in that camp until Sony almost buried them at the start of this gen but since then, they've become the best consumer-friendly company by far imo. Will that change again if they get back on top? Yup. Then it will be Sony's turn to be good to us like they were during the PS3 days.

Why these guys don't figure out that being good to us WHILE being on top could KEEP them on top? I have no idea.

Aeolus451 said:
Sony. It's why they're number one consistently.

...Except for PS3, PSP and Vita. 

Easily Sony. This generation if people shout for a game, they tend to get it.

Nintendo have quite a history of not really listening to fans and just carrying on doing as they please regardless of fan feedback. Mario Party is a prime example for me personally, that makes me cry. Paper Mario also.

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Microsoft may lack in compelling exclusive software but otherwise, they try to grant your every wish.

You can send complaints, feedback and recommendations straight from your console along with a screenshot or video from the Game DVR. I personally compared about the sounds when you press buying on the menu screens. I said I wanted "softer sounds". About a month later, there they were! This is just one example.*

They even have a page where you can vote on which games you want for backwards compatibly. I'm in the early access program and they ask what we like and dislike about system updates and what we'd change.

I give it to Microsoft., easily.

Second place goes to Sony. They mostly do what works for them but what works for them is usually what their fans want. They did finally implement external HDD support (would you believe some game said they didn't want the option at all?) and a few other issues recently. I'm especially surprised how quickly they fixed the PSVR HDR issue. I think the biggest problem with Sony is that some fans won't complain about any issues. It's hard to correct a problem when nobody acknowledges that a problem exists!

Nintendo... I love em but they just do whatever they want. Sometimes it works for them. Sometimes, it doesn't.


*I don't know if anybody else complained. I have no way of knowing. I just know that when I complained, it was fixed soon after.

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I don't know if a remaster of Crash counts as Sony listening to their fans considering they didn't make the remaster and it's coming to other consoles in the very near future...

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