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Forums - General Discussion - White Girl Wears Chinese Prom Dress - Outrage Commences

The vast majority of people who cry "racist" are racist. The vast majority of people who cry "sexist" are sexist.

At least she's not caving, and is refusing to apologize, since she has nothing to apologize for.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

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This reminds me of people who got angry at Justin Beiber singing in spanish claiming the same thing

Funny thing is that I didn't hear one person from a latin american country getting angry for that "cultural appropriation", instead they all were from USA with latinamerican ascendancy

Still, I understand sometimes people use stuff that means a lot to a whole culture in a very ignorant and offensive way, but in this case it seems like an exaggeration. People on twitter will find any twitt to bully others and get RT and FAVs, she's just a 18 yo girl wearing a dress

It completely baffles me how this even could of happened. The internet's really showing the side of bandwagon-ing drones behind a screen trying to get a fix off of trying to put someone down or feeling superior.

Guess the moral of what some people are trying to teach me is, if I see a Chinese person wearing western style clothing I'm to publicly shame them.


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Nymeria said:
No. This whole notion is bizarre and feels out of far right wing "keep the races separate" mentality yet is employed by the far left.

Also, the internet gives everyone a voice so a handful can be focused on and magnified. I'm guessing vast majority of people are thousands of greater concerns than prom dresses.

Very much.

Try to say something like "heathenry and viking imagery should belong to germanic peoples" instead and watch out the shitstorm.

It reminds me how criticizingt that norse deity being black on the Marvel movies being called racist while the some of the Gods of Egypt being white was also racist and cultural apropriation (while, hell, the very egyptian Book of the Dead claimed Horus had blue eyes).






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people just love getting offended over nothing,pretty pathetic

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I've been thinking about it, as a Norwegian i am really offended that non-Scandinavians are playing God of War and appropriating my culture so i demand that you all stop. If you're Greek it's OK because of Kratos

Ugh, this is retarded. People should be able to wear whatever the heck they want to. If a white girl likes the way that traditional Chinese dresses look, I see no reason why she shouldn't be able to wear them.

The only people who'd have a problem with that are racists and they can just fuck off.

Shouldn't have worn that dress.

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