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Forums - General Discussion - New York, Paris, London or Tokyo?


What city do you prefer/want to visit the most?

New York 7 9.72%
Paris 10 13.89%
London 7 9.72%
Tokyo 48 66.67%

Tokyo > New York > Paris > London

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Could we choose more than one? Tokyo, for its cultural background and technology, and Paris, for its museums and gastronomy.

Tokyo, duh. There is nothing in those other countries that would warrant a visit. I grew up in a big city so just being a big city isn't really a reason for me to visit any place.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

Tokyo, and all over Japan, seeing old monuments, temples, etc. So much history to learn.

Political reasons not to go to the others.


I come from London, will always love it, but I would choose Tokyo. It was just that amazing to me.

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New York

OdinHades said:
Faelco said:



You're now too optimistic sadly ^^". Basic Japanese isn't very hard and can just click, true, but more advanced Japanese is simply awful to understand and master... But good luck to you anyway!

Nah, I know that I will have to learn for at least a decade to become fluent, but that isn't my goal right now. For the next two years, I just want to understand the basics of the language, just so that I can get around in Japan, talk to people, understand them and also understand what's going on in japanese movies and games. From there I will continue to learn the language basically forever.

I handled it in the same way with my english . Once I had the basics figured out, I just started to watch movies and play games in english. In the beginning I had to look up a lot of words, but with time I more and more was able to just understand new words simply out of context. And even if I have trouble to perfectly express myself in english every now and then, I would say my skills in that language are quite respectable by now. 

That's exactly what I wanted to do. I learned English with series, movies and books and thought that I could do the same in Japanese. But it's not possible. 


The level required to be able to understand what you read or watch is so much higher than in English! The entire structure of the language is completely different from European languages, the vocabulary based entirely on kanjis... I've lived and studied here for a year now, I still don't have the level to read books without heavy research. You can't just "look the words in a dictionary" like English if you don't know hundreds of kanjis very well, and all the grammar forms able to change the entire meaning of a word or sentence, and which obviously don't look like anything you know. One of my friends who worked in Japanese here for 4 years can barely play games in Japanese, he still doesn't understand everything (and he got the JLPT N1). Even Japanese people from my experience have a lot of trouble with kanjis and less used grammar or vocabulary... In English, you can use books to learn how to speak, in my opinion it's the opposite in Japanese. You will be able to speak well before you can read (there are a lot of books that Japanese kids are unable to read...). Some anime should be easier though, because they tend to use simple words and grammar. 


It should take you less that 2 years to survive in Japan, don't worry about that. And I hope you'll stay motivated for as long as you want after that. But don't think about learning it like English, you might hit a wall at one point that will discourage you. That's what I did, and I've had huge motivation issues since then (even if I'm living in Tokyo!). So good luck to you, it's definitely possible and you can do it, but just don't think about it like English, keep your expectations on a longer schedule!

SuperNova said:
I've been to Paris and London, so that pretty much leaves NY and Tokio for me to choose from and between those two Tokio wins by a landslide.

I really liked Paris, it's easy to find your way around and public transport isn't the insanity that London public transport is and there's intersting shops to pop into and major landmarks staring you in the face at every corner. It also feels like a big metropolitan city, similar to other major cities in europe like Madrid or Berlin, but it feels relaxed.

London by comparision feels oddly small, like and oversized, overstuffed village. One reason for that might be the english obssession with owning a house, however small it might be. It was always really wierd to me to see this sprawling city, being mostly comprised of tiny 2-3 story buildings instead of the bigger apartment buildings that usually dominate european cities.
It also feels very similar to my home city, despite having about three times as many residents, maybe a bit more antiquated. Public transport rates are outrageous.

While I'm interested in NY, it's more of a 'might be neat to check out' kind of interest (as far as US goes I'm currently more interested in the westcoast although there's probably parts of the eastcoast that are really beautiful.)

Tokio, I've wanted to visit for aaaages. I'm just much more drawn to it cuturally, and the fact that it is clean, safe and everyone is really polite doesn't hurt.

I thought about making a similar comment in my post, but I was afraid of being the only one. London felt comparably tiny (compared to the other three cities). Although it is still great, I wouldn't put it on the same level of NYC, Paris, or Tokyo. Edinburgh blew me away, however.

New York - hands down. I've been there and Manhattan is fun and bustling. Paris and the London are becoming less safe due to terrorism and Tokyo just seems too wacky for my taste.

I'm from Toronto.

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