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Forums - Politics Discussion - Brexiters OUTRAGED after discovering that voting to abolish free movement means movement will no longer be free

contestgamer said:
Pemalite said:

Australia implements EU regulations when we aren't in the EU. Mostly for things like Tech/Safety standards.
And that's a good thing, because the EU have stringent guidelines and testing procedures.

Do you need to be so derogative? Who gives a shit if someone is German?
It's in the past, treat it as such.

I don't hold any ill-will for all the horrible things the British did in the past, especially when it came to the treatment of native inhabitants of various lands.

Why did it need to be stopped?
Just because someone comes from outside the EU, doesn't mean they have nefarious reasons.

Perhaps you should look towards other nations who are highly successful and multicultural as an example?

Muslims aren't a race. They aren't confined to various geographical areas.
In-fact, the majority of Muslims are not even in the Middle East.

You can have someone who is 100% European and be Muslim.
It's just bigoted nonesense in the end.

Because I want countries to maintain their identities. Multicultural countries become Americanized countries. European countries have existed for thousands of years, with rich culture, geneology, customs, etc. America/Canada can be multicultural, because thats how they were created. Not every country needs to be. I dont even care if theyre good people or not, I care about maintaining identity and heritage. 

Define British heritage. Is it tea? Porcelain chinaware? The slaves traded all over the world? Is it, per chance, the East India Company? Is it apartheid? Is it the Boer concentration camps? Is it the Yemen massacre in the 60s? Is it the Amritsar massacre? Is it the crimes committed in Iraq in the 20s, denying their freedom? Is it the massacre of over 3000 Cypriots in the 60s and 70s, for the same reasons? Is it the famines and violence in Bengali? Is it the fine legacy of British Colonialism?


Oh please do tell me more of this British identity and heritage of yours. It really sounds rather fascinating and jolly. You must know enough about it to educate a pathetic non-British like me! Perhaps you could colonize me to make me appreciate your culture better?

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contestgamer said:
VGPolyglot said:

And not sure how this is going to do that, the UK has natural water borders.

Because theres freedom of movement within the EU and we have had millions of muslim migrants that have entered the EU thanks to Germany. The only way to protect the borders is to leave the EU

UK is NOT part of the Schengen Area. You are already controlling EVERYONE that is coming to the UK (including EU citizens).

Excellent news for Gibraltar citizens.

Barozi said:
contestgamer said:

Because theres freedom of movement within the EU and we have had millions of muslim migrants that have entered the EU thanks to Germany. The only way to protect the borders is to leave the EU

UK is NOT part of the Schengen Area. You are already controlling EVERYONE that is coming to the UK (including EU citizens).

Don't expect him to know anything about this. He seems to be an avid reader of fake news. He probably voted and then checked online "what is the EU?". He doesn't even know basic facts.

fatslob-:O said:
Pretty good compromise for tighter immigration control ...

lolwut. You do understand that 263,000 of the immigrants UK received last year were from outside the EU? That is more than the 230,000 EU immigrants (net numbers), which can be screened and sent back if they cannot find work (a right that the UK has, and which it chooses not to enforce).  There was a reduction of over 100,000 EU immigrants in the last year, without even actually having the BREXIT yet. Goes a long way, to know that all you could have done to reduce immigration was to become openly and arbitrarily racist, doesn't it? You didn't even have to leave the EU!


Now, enjoy the next set of excuses by this and any future British government, over the failure to control immigration. Only this time it won't be the Polish (who marched on the streets of London in support of BREXIT, alongside BREXITERs, as many of them strongly support right-wing ideologies) but the Africans, the Indians, the Muslims (who you so much hate, apparently) and perhaps a new Windrush generation to exploit. 


Soon the pretty good compromise will sound a lot like a pretty good self-shot in the leg.

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EU should charge more

Those are actually incredibly cheap and generous visa standarts.
For comparion: a 90 day visa for India costs around 70€. Some visas, like for Bhutan are several hundred euros. Six pounds for a three year visum is as close to free travel, without actually having free travel, as you can get.

Turns out the so far incredibly soft consequences of leaving the EU, are already too harsh?

teamsilent13 said:

£ enough to outrage? also, in its current state i want the EU to implode so idgaf. if i were british (which i’m ~8% british from dna) i would have voted brexit. i really oppose all the migration and communist level open borders stuff. i blame boomers even if they vote differently now; their lack of care or foresight is what led to this problem.

Open borders is "communist level"? How did you come up with this gem? Is this why one can travel to North Korea, so easily? Or why one could travel to USSR, so easily? Do you even have a basic understanding of what liberalism is, and why "open borders" and cosmopolitanism have literally nothing to do with communism, and *everything* to do with liberal capitalism?


Do you even understand what these above terms mean?

Ka-pi96 said:
deskpro2k3 said:
I still think the USA was the best Brexit of all time.

Nah, not as good as Canada.

I guess you forgot about Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom, Canada and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.

Kerotan said:
melbye said:

I am just frustrated that my country is being forced to implement EU regulation when we aren't in the EU

Not saying you are against immigrants but isn't it funny so many brits voted for Brexit because there are too many Africans, middle Eastern, Pakistani, India, Asian immigrants in the country. It's like they don't realise those places are not in the eu. Europeans also have an impeccable record of settling peacefully in Britain be them Eastern or Western European. Their kids by and large fit perfectly into British soviet. Its crazy to think the anti immigrant party's wouldn't want as many Europeans to fill up the immigrant quota as possible. 

:O I hope not!