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fatslob-:O said:
Pretty good compromise for tighter immigration control ...

lolwut. You do understand that 263,000 of the immigrants UK received last year were from outside the EU? That is more than the 230,000 EU immigrants (net numbers), which can be screened and sent back if they cannot find work (a right that the UK has, and which it chooses not to enforce).  There was a reduction of over 100,000 EU immigrants in the last year, without even actually having the BREXIT yet. Goes a long way, to know that all you could have done to reduce immigration was to become openly and arbitrarily racist, doesn't it? You didn't even have to leave the EU!


Now, enjoy the next set of excuses by this and any future British government, over the failure to control immigration. Only this time it won't be the Polish (who marched on the streets of London in support of BREXIT, alongside BREXITERs, as many of them strongly support right-wing ideologies) but the Africans, the Indians, the Muslims (who you so much hate, apparently) and perhaps a new Windrush generation to exploit. 


Soon the pretty good compromise will sound a lot like a pretty good self-shot in the leg.

Last edited by Helloplite - on 30 April 2018