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Forums - General Discussion - Burritos vs Enchiladas vs Chimichangas


Best one?

Burritos 11 36.67%
Enchiladas 10 33.33%
Chimichangas 9 30.00%


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Chimichangas for me, really tasty with sour cream!

Since I eat it more often I will choose burrito.

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Never tried the other two, so Burritos for moi.


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I've never had chimichangas but I've always wanted to try them, and I LOVE both enchiladas and burritos... although I eat burritos more often, there's a Barburrito not far from me, basically like the Subway of burritos, and it's amazing lol

1. Burritos
2. Enchiladas
3. Chimichangas (But only because I've never had them)

Never a chimichanga. Always an enchilada, and a burrito is never a bad idea when on the run. Or you can get that burrito "wet" and have the best of both worlds.

Enchiladas >>>>>>> the others

Easily enchiladas.

Never heard of chimichangas before but they don't sound that good. Burritos are great. The enchilada pic you posted in the op looks like puke (trying to turn people against enchiladas aren't you? :O) but the ones I make are one of the best foods I've ever had!

Enchilada every day.