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Thanos finds Thor/Loki/Hulk on the refugee ship and takes the infinity stone from Loki, who tried to trick Thanos but gets killed in an attack on him infront of Thor, Heimdall opens a portal to throw a beaten Hulk towards Earth before being killed by Thanos, Thor is left on the ship as it sends out distress signals, but as Thanos leaves the area the ship starts to shudder and explodes.

Back on Earth Hulk lands into Dr Stranges sanctum and reverts to Banner, he tells Strange what is going on and Strange pulls in Tony Stark as they're forming a plan the children of Thanos land outside and start to come for Dr Strange to get his Time Stone, a battle follows which Spiderman joins but the fight goes bad and Strange is captured and beamed up to Thanos's ship in orbit, followed by Spiderman (in new armor) and Iron Man, Banner remains and calls up the other Avengers on Earth after learning about the events of Civil war splitting them up.

Another group of Thanos underlings are in the UK chasing down Vision who is there hiding out with Scarlett Witch, good guys get beaten badly until the arrival of Capt America, Widow and Falcon, they escape and chat about what to do with basically fighting with Vision against Thanos who is what he wants so they see if there is a chance to remove the stone without killing him, they travel to Wakanda to try and utilize their advanced tech to either remove the stone or as Vision offers, simply destroy the stone and stop Thanos being able to achieve all 6 stones.

Guardians arrive at the destroyed Asgardian ship in awe of the destruction, they're not there long before a near dead Thor bounces off their viewscreen, they bring him aboard and are filled in on what is going on, they figure Thanos will go for the stone kept by the collector at "Knowhere" and split up, Rocket and Groot (now late teens) go with Thor to go and get Thor a new weapon (rocket is interested in a forge for such a weapon, even more so on learning that a weapon of such power would destroy his mind to wield it) Quill, Gamora, Drax and Mantis all head to Knowhere to try to stop/slow Thanos getting the reality stone.

They arrive too late to Knowhere and find that Thanos has taken the Reality stone and uses its powers to trick Gamora into a reality where she thinks they arrived in time and that she alone defeats Thanos, Thanos laughs as she mourns her father as he unveils the actual reality and how he has the Stone, he gets her to tell him that she knows where the Soul Stone is, he takes her away to the planet to claim it but is told by the Red Skull that he needs to sacrifice something he loves to take it, Gamora laughs at Thanos thinking he loves nothing but he sheds a tear as he turns to her and apologizes before throwing her from the cliff to the rocks below, she is killed and Thanos claims a 4th Stone, missing just Time and Mind (Strange and Vision)

A freed from her shackles on a ship of Thanos Nebula contacts Mantis and informs her group that they need to travel to Titan.

Stark, Parker, Strange (freed from capture) land Thanos's childrens ship on Titan (Thanos home world) meet up with Quill, Drax and Mantis, having never met before they fight at first thinking each other group to belong to Thanos' but quickly realize they're both on the same side and form a team (hilarious interaction between Drax and Stark here imo) but during the formation of the plan Strange looks ahead at possible outcomes for their fight, checking ahead to 14million different outcomes using the Timestone, he tells Stark (I think) that of all of them he got to see only one ends well for them. Thanos arrives and they fight, gaining the upper hand using Mantis to calm him and try and remove the glove until Quill learns that Thanos is weak because he is mourning the death of Gamora, on learning the death Quill smashes Thanos's face repeatedly breaking Mantis's hold before they can remove the gauntlet, Stark gets stabbed during trying to get Thanos back under control and Thanos commends his efforts and hopes that the remaining people of Earth remember him as a great Avenger, before Stark is killed Dr. Strange offers a trade of the Time Stone for his life, Thanos accepts and leaves with the Stone for Earth, left behind is a shocked Tony Stark looking to strange for answers... all he says is "this is the only way" or similar, clearly knowing what must happen to go down the 1 in 14million path for them to have any chance of victory.

Thor, Rocket and Groot meet up at the forge in space where his hammer had been made, turns out that Thanos had been there and killed all but one of the Dwarves forcing them to create his infinity gauntlet, Thor helps reignite the star which powers the forge and almost dies in the forming of the head of a new axe, dying without his weapon Groot wraps his roots around the weapon to bring it together and snaps off a portion of his body to finish the weapons handle before throwing it to Thor and resurrecting him with it.

(Thors new weapon also has the ability to control the Bifrost so he inherits the dead Heimdalls travel ability, he uses it to travel back to Earth knowing that Thanos will be going for Vision / Strange's Stones)

The Final battle takes place all in Wakanda while the Avengers attempt to buy Black Panthers Sister time to take the mind stone from Vision without killing him, Scarlett Witch oversee's the operation but as soon as she has to join the others on the field Thanos's forces rush the lab and take Vision away, he is separated from all but Scarlett Witch and Thanos, reluctantly Scarlett turns her powers to the mind stone and destroys it, disintegrating Vision in front of her, Thanos sympathizes with her loss but pushes her to the side before using his newly acquired Time Stone to rewind the death of Vision, putting him back together before grabbing him by the head, crushing it and ripping the time stone from his forehead, killing Vision.

He puts the Mind Stone in the Gauntlet. Clicks his Fingers. Half of everyone around the fight start to crumble to ash, red shirts and main characters alike simply turn to dust around the feet of the stunned survivors, we see superheroes and normal people around the world die, Spiderman cries out in pain and grabs Stark, looking him in the eye saying he doesn't want to go before turning to ash. It's pretty brutal to see and many scenes play out in near silence with our favourite heroes fading to dust.

After credits scene shows Nick Fury stopping his Jeep at panic and destruction around them, he see's Maria Hill starting to turn to ash and he tries to send a message on a pager looking device before being turned to ash himself just before being able to finish saying "mother fuc......" his pager falls to the ground saying message sent and revealing the logo for Captain Marvel.



Heimdall (not killed by Gauntlet)



Gamora (not killed by Gauntlet) (Killed in sacrifice to the Soul "infinity" Stone)


Loki (not killed by Gauntlet)






Maria Hill

Vision (saved on computer. Possibly) (not killed by Gauntlet)

Scarlett witch



Half of every living thing








War machine




Ant man


Absolutely amazing film really shows that they have a clear cut direction with the MCU that they are following and they pretty much held the entire cinema full of people by the collar and led them on a journey which ended on every single person in there leaving the cinema wanting more or to see it again, Marvel and Disney hit this one out of the park imo.

Jesus I'm still in shock from watching it.

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Dr strange, Spiderman, guardians of the Galaxy and black panther series of movies are dead.

I'm really sad about it, but holy shit I want to see the next mcu movies more than ever now.

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They are obviously not going to remain dead

melbye said:
They are obviously not going to remain dead

Vision is the only one with a means to return via black panthers sister having him on her computer, but the rest I wouldn't be certain about, onto next phase of the MCU though, Fury calls Captain Marvel in credits before also fading to ash.

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Is this true? You told me not to click if I want to watch it, and I don't, so you might as well tell me if you're trolling or not.

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So now we only need the other half to die and we'll return to happiness?! 

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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Is this true? You told me not to click if I want to watch it, and I don't, so you might as well tell me if you're trolling or not.

Loki gets killed by Thanos after he tries to betray him. Gamora is killed by Thanos as a means of sacrifice. Vision gets the stone ripped out of his head. Half of the cast disintegrates and turns to ash.  



Metallox said:

So now we only need the other half to die and we'll return to happiness?! 

Yes. And then kill all of DC's characters. Perfect. Perrrfecct!

Ganoncrotch said:
Dr strange, Spiderman, guardians of the Galaxy and black panther series of movies are dead.

I'm really sad about it, but holy shit I want to see the next mcu movies more than ever now.

So gullible. 

All the folks who died in 'the snap' are coming back. That is the nature of the infinity gauntlet, most notably the soul stone and the time stone. The characters that died pre-snap are probably staying dead, though. (Gamora, etc)

the whole ''we can still fix this'' time skip thing is such a cop out, you know damn well everyone is coming back next movie using that cop out. Its lame lol

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