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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How many of you guys buy duplicate games?

GoOnKid said:
think-man said:
I have 4 copies of Final Fantasy XV.... All on PS4 hahaha.

I pre-ordered it digitally, then had a moment to buy it before release so i did. Then i bought the ultimate collectors edition later, and then i bought the royal Ed 

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I buy duplicates of many games (especially favorites), mostly to always have the most current version, because I never want to find myself in a situation where I'm without the ability to play a favored title. For example, of late I've been amassing a number of titles for Switch that I have on PlayStation 4 already, including Crypt of the NecroDancer, Night in the Woods, The Flame in the Flood, and Ittle Dew 2+ (which counts as an updated version more than a port really). Planning on getting the Switch version of Kentucky Route Zero as well. It's just awesome to be able to take those sorts of games anywhere I go and that's a real advantage of the Switch! I'd much rather play those on my lunch or dinner break than 3DS fare.

Do you have any idea how many versions of the original Super Mario Bros. I have? It's a lot!

I most especially like to get multiple versions of rare games. For example, I originally got a fan-dubbed Nintendo 64 cartridge of Wonder Project J2, but more recently have downloaded the computer version because I'm worried about the age of the cartridge and its ability to retain save data going forward at this point.

You get the idea. I'm a pack rat with games. I don't like the prospect of ever losing anything I have, so I typically try to get new versions of stuff I like when they come out.

John2290 said:
I buy ramasters sometimes if I'm interested, bought GTA5 one three systems. And as my disc drive is Broken, I've been rebuying a few games digitally but very few.

Wouldn't it be cheaper to replace the disc drive and get all your retail versions working again?

Nope, one version for me. Even remakes or remasters for games I already have depend greatly on what game it is, and it is rare that I go through with it.

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I do it. Ideally I like to have all my favourite games on both PS and on Steam. PS for the trophies and Steam because of the permanence of it.

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I'll sometimes re-buy a remaster or remake if I haven't played the original. Can be tough to keep track of what the "best" version is of all these games. I've also bought duplicates on other platforms so I can play with friends.

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I used to largely ignore remasters and rarely bought a game twice, but now I pretty much want every game I've ever enjoyed ported to the Switch so I'm suddenly buying tons of them lol

I’ve bought a handful of games for two systems but, there’s one game that I’ve bought three times and it was Canis Canem Edit/Bully and that was on the PS2, 360 and PS4. Got all achievements/trophies for the last 2.

Rarely. I bought Minecraft 3 times so far (I'll probably buy it another time whenever I get the Switch as well)

I only did it once with Nier Automata which i originally bought digitally and i loved it so much i had to buy it physically because i wanted to see it on my shelf.