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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How do you tend to purchase games nowadays?


How do you tend to purchase games nowadays?

All retail 251 20.06%
Mostly retail 426 34.05%
About half and half 218 17.43%
Mostly digital 202 16.15%
All digital 130 10.39%
I don't buy games 17 1.36%
Other 7 0.56%

Mostly retail. Although digital retail where they ship it to me instead of going to a store

Only get digital when it's cheaper, which is very rare. Even bought a physical PC game at retail earlier this year because that was cheaper than the digital price

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Been digital only all gen

Digital only. Stores around here suck ass. They never have the games I want so I don't care to even look there anymore. I also don't order discs at online stores, because I don't see the point. Downloading them is way faster.

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retail. i like to keep people employed and of the street.



Cobretti2 said:
retail. i like to keep people employed and of the street.

There's a fine line between off the street and of the street. 

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Depends on the game, if it's a game from a franchise I am a big fan of, then I buy physical through online stores mostly since retail stores are very expensive where I live. Otherwise I buy digital.

Mostly retail, specially for console. On PC is mostly digital for obvious reasons, but I never buy a digital game at full price, they don't usually have the right value in my eyes.

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Mostly retail, few cases the digital version where the digital version is insanely cheaper. PC I do all digital, but I sort of hate steam right now, so I abandoned PC.


On PC: 100% Digital

On consoles: 95% Retail

almost all digital nowadays. the only retail games i buy are 1st party nintendo