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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox E3 2018 Supposedly Leaked *Fake


Do you believe it?

Yes, and Im more than pleased. 2 3.70%
Yes, and this isnt enough for me 17 31.48%
No, but Id be more than pleased if true 12 22.22%
No, and this isnt enough for me 23 42.59%

I believe some parts, but not all. Fable IV, New perfect dark, Gears 5, Halo 6 and Forza Horizon 4 is what I expect in terms of new games. If I get that, I will be happy especially since playground games is developing Fable 4.

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Chris Hu said:
Bandorr said:
Possible, but amazingly underwhelmed. Like really, could be their worst E3 yet.

Why would Forza be at 30FPS?

Also why would they have stuff for 2019 planned?

Find the possibility they are ditching Halo 6 and going for Halo 1 reboot fascinating.

The Horizon games have always been 30 FPS due to the dynamic weather and other factors.

I see, thanks. I don't play either so I wasn't aware.  I know they are different,  I didn't know one was 60 FPS, and one had dynamic weather etc.

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Why call Joanna Dark instead of the really well known Perfect Dark name?

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

I think it's fake

I game on all consoles and PC

Fable or nothing

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Nautilus said:
Why call Joanna Dark instead of the really well known Perfect Dark name?


Halo reboot? Looks more like a fanboy wet dream.

Banjo Kazooie Anniversary would be awesome.

Joanna Dark hopefully its that Tomb Raider styled Perfect Dark game iv been hoping for. I really hope this game is true

Halo Genesis sounds more like a Prequel similar to Halo Reach.

Sea of Thieves new Content will be looking forward to that.


Still hoping for a Battletoad game.. one day

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zorg1000 said:

3. Im thinking it might mean reboot in terms of gameplay rather than story. Shaking up the gameplay like Zelda or God of War.

Now that actually sounds plausible. Maybe 343i will start taking things back to the series' roots, similar to what we saw with Doom 2016 hewing closer to old-school Doom, RE7 going back to survival horror, and CoD going back to WW2 and that more grounded-in-reality style. For the past decade I've been wanting Halo to go back to the old "Golden Tripod," of guns, grenades, and melees, meaning no armor abilities or Spartan abilities. Combat should still evolve, not by fundamental changes to the center-most core of movement and controls, but by innovating in areas like the weapons sandbox, new play modes, level & encounter design, enemy behaviors, and so forth that still function well in the context of, and generally complement, the traditional core of Halo gameplay. For all of the improvements Halo 5 made over Halo 4, in many ways it feel the least "Halo-ish" of any Halo title to date.

Oh, and relevant video:


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There's some cool stuff in there! I mean, it's not enough to make me buy an Xbox One, but I already have one so I might pick up some of them if true.

4Chan has been reasonably accurate, (I know 4Chan isn't a publication). This seems real to me, since it includes a combination of 'stuff we already know about and are expecting' with new additions and eclectic details that seem weird on its own.