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Forums - General Discussion - Does anyone still watch cable tv?

Sometimes. Right now for example I am watching 3 epidsodes of Two and Half a Man every day.

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No, I essentially get all of my content via the internet these days.

Oh my yes. Last Monday, I texted my friend something like: "Nobody does a better job of curating content and maintaining a consistent level of excellence than HBO". I've been a subscriber to that service since fall 2009, during which time, my launch PS3 succumbed to injuries suffered during an unprovoked lightning attack. Wanting something to fill the temporary void, I signed up. There's almost no time of the year that they don't have at least one show on that I really like, if not love. That sub also comes with 2 premium movie channels and access to HBO GO as well as Movie Central's mobile services. I also watch MMA ( mostly UFC, some Bellator ) some NHL, a few FOX shows ( The Last Man On Earth, The Simpsons, Family Guy ), South Park, various documentaries ( not as many as I should anymore ), and anything with asses in it. 

Looking forward to the return of Nathan For You, whenever that happens with it's odd schedule.

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i havent felt the need to watch much TV for at least the past 2 years. almost everything is available online is some manner or form. If i want to watch a movie - i rent it or pirate it. If i want to watch a TV show - Netflix or internet leaks. really, cable TV should have gone obsolete 10 years ago.

Neither cable Tv nor regular Tv.

When I moved to my current apartment, I tried to sign for cable Tv but operators said, at that time, that new connections at my neighbourhood were not available. I just signed Netflix and Crunchyroll and never cared about cable tv again, since I don´t have to worry about transmissions schedules.

Regular TV in my country is horrendous so I don´t watch it. There´s only a single news channel I like - it´s not a popular one, though.

The only thing I miss about regular or cable Tv are sports transmissions. Fortunately, there´s a lot of streamings on Youtube and some sports federations are using it.

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Nearly everyone i know has Sky tv

WolfpackN64 said:

I just find it more convenient to watch the public broadcast on TV. The news of 19 o' clock is just the right moment before dinner, so I just watch that.

Oh but I do the same most of the time. My smart TV allows me to watch internet stuff on it. With the "Auvio" platform of the RTBF, I can watch the news, TV shows, documentaries and almost everything else from the RTBF online and ALSO on my TV, no need to use my computer anymore. Same when watching France24, Euronews, CNN, Fox... It's all on my TV. If you just came to my place when I'm watching CNN you'd think I do have cable when it's not cable but just internet.

I still watch TV the "old" fashion way, though I don't watch TV nearly as much as I used to thanks to Youtube and Crunchyroll so there's that.

TheLegendaryWolf said:
I still watch TV the "old" fashion way, though I don't watch TV nearly as much as I used to thanks to Youtube and Crunchyroll so there's that.

Crunchyroll is a pain in my ass, It has interesting content but literally every goddamn 5 minutes you got the anime interrupted by commercials and announcements, most of the time it's just announcements for another anime so there is no need to interrupt so often, other than to try to push me to pay for a subscription. But I don't do well with such schemes so I don't watch Crunchyroll anymore.

I watch live sports so yes.

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