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Oh my yes. Last Monday, I texted my friend something like: "Nobody does a better job of curating content and maintaining a consistent level of excellence than HBO". I've been a subscriber to that service since fall 2009, during which time, my launch PS3 succumbed to injuries suffered during an unprovoked lightning attack. Wanting something to fill the temporary void, I signed up. There's almost no time of the year that they don't have at least one show on that I really like, if not love. That sub also comes with 2 premium movie channels and access to HBO GO as well as Movie Central's mobile services. I also watch MMA ( mostly UFC, some Bellator ) some NHL, a few FOX shows ( The Last Man On Earth, The Simpsons, Family Guy ), South Park, various documentaries ( not as many as I should anymore ), and anything with asses in it. 

Looking forward to the return of Nathan For You, whenever that happens with it's odd schedule.

Last edited by COKTOE - on 05 April 2018

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