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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How will the low Metacritic Effect Far Cry 5 sales?

One of my favourite games a few years ago got low 70s, I'm not too bothered. I always enjoy high scoring metacritic games that I play but I also enjoy lots of 'low' scoring ones

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Yeah, i don't consider that score low. I consider it slightly above average.

You seriously base your purchases on metacritic? A site that compiles scores from marketing sites and user scores where the posters most likely don't own the game?


81 means the game is 19% bad, which is well beyond enough to make it unplayable. I agree with the OP.

Kinda weid to look at the score for a game like Far Cry. It's a very specific genre with very specific gameplay that hasn't changed. It's still the same Far Cry experience so fans of the series will get it.

It's an open world fun time that looks pretty and well polished. A score isn't really necessary to know if you'd enjoy it or not. It's not like it's a game that lives from the stellar performance of voice actors or thrilling cutscenes. It does one job and it does it well and if someone ditches it because of the score he was most likely never interested in the gameplay anyway.

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You need to give games the old eye-ball test... does this look good?
That should weigh more than review scores.

Imo it looks decent, and probably is for people that enjoy those games.
Also since when is 81%+ a bad metacritic score?

Unplayable is like when its a below 60, in a genre you dont enjoy.
Thats when you go "okay this one, should probably be skipped" and even then, eye-ball test > review scores.

To me 81 is low if I am expecting it to be 90+, so it depends if I was expecting a 70 score then 81 is huge
Commercialy the effects will be lower than you think, the timing of the game is crucial, marketing campaign is also good, and there is still hype for it

81 is a good score, that isnt low at all lol

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contestgamer said:
Medisti said:
Huh. I didn't know 4/5 was considered low. 95% of games must be garbage

uh, yeah 95% of games are garbage, they're called shovelware... 80 isn't garbage, but it's really mediocre and not worth wasting a lot of time on.

Do you have similarly impossible expectations for hotels and restaurants, too? If four stars is mediocre...

81 is a low score...

BS opinions like this is why metacritic is worthless. One site will say a game has to be an 8 out 10 to just be "okay" while another will try to say 5/10 is average (probably to justify clickbait). Then all of these scores are pooled together for a distorted report on the actual quality of the game. Not to mention how gamers think anything under a 9 is utter crap these days (or make the claim at least).

If you ask me, scores are obsolete. Just give me a detailed review listing the pros and cons and if you recommend the game or not. That is all we need.




81 is a good score and the game will sell very well with no negative impact from said good score.

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