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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How will the low Metacritic Effect Far Cry 5 sales?

jason1637 said:
It's a game about killing Christians. Not surprised by the low score. Game will probably flop.

What the heck is this post

OT: Since when is 81 a low average score

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It's likely it won't really have an affect on sales at all.



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VGPolyglot said:
Is 81 really that low for a game?

Came in to ask the same thing. 81 should considered pretty good imo.

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Slade6alpha said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:

At least source the person who put that out first bruh. Smh  

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Some genres have an easier time getting high review scores. Games like FPS appeal to more people, and games like JRPGs appeal to fewer people. 81 is kinda low for a shooting game, but pretty high for a JRPG.

Anyway, any game that gets 80 or above on Opencritic/Metacritic is a worthwhile purchase in my book. So long as said game doesn't include shady pricing like MTS, or on disc DLC.

I bet Far Cry 5 is getting a slightly lower score because of franchise fatigue. Some reviewers are just tired of the same formula being followed. It happens to a lot of games. Poke'mon started to suffer from it until X/Y reinvigorated the series.

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That's not a bad score, actually.

The notion that people buy games based solely on their meta score is very depressing. Though scores can raise or lower my expectations and/or interest in a game, i rarely consider it that much influential. Many were the games with low scores that i had fun with, and even higher were the number of high scoring games that i despised.

1) Metacritic score means literally nothing, most of the critics on that website are SJW's who get offended by anything. Especially by Farcry 5 and its setting.

2) Why would you ever pre-order a Ubisoft title?

3) This game is still going to sell like a beast even if it's gameplay is more mediocre than Ghost Recon Wildlands.

I suppose it depends on how many people are slaves to an aggregate number created by a small group of strangers.

contestgamer said:

So reviews are in and the MC for FC5 is 81 atm, and will probably fall to 79-80 once all the reviews are in. I canceled my pre-order for the game, although I was looking forward to it and it got me thinking - how many other potential sales do you think were lost over the low MC score? (lifetime, not just launch pre orders)

If I had to guess at least 1-1.5M compared to an MC of 85 (my cutoff score for playing games) If there have been any "studies" on something like this please link as I'd be interested.

You really should a bit more research before posting. amazing reviews are only really needed for niche games that only appeal to the hardcore market. games like far cry have a huge market, just look at wild lands it has a 70 metracritic and has amazing sales. 81 is pretty damn good, and it probably won't drop below 80. ign review is looking good, and is the most important since metracritic is weighted.