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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How will the low Metacritic Effect Far Cry 5 sales?

So reviews are in and the MC for FC5 is 81 atm, and will probably fall to 79-80 once all the reviews are in. I canceled my pre-order for the game, although I was looking forward to it and it got me thinking - how many other potential sales do you think were lost over the low MC score? (lifetime, not just launch pre orders)

If I had to guess at least 1-1.5M compared to an MC of 85 (my cutoff score for playing games) If there have been any "studies" on something like this please link as I'd be interested.

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Is 81 really that low for a game?

81 is low? Everything that score tells me is that is a pretty good game, just not a masterpiece.

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Pretty sad how you cancelled because of a meta critic score lol. Some people just cant think for themselves nowadays.

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The game will sell like crazy (well, loads of copies at any rate).

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I refuse to believe that this thread is serious and the OP isn't screwing with us.

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Seems weird to cancel a pre-order because its a few points lower than the average entry.

I could maybe understand if it was a big decline like high-90s to low-70s, but going from mid/high-80s to low 80s isnt that major.

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RolStoppable said:
VGPolyglot said:
Is 81 really that low for a game?

81 is worse than Bravely Default. So yes, that's a low score.

Well, if it's a Square Enix game I have to take your tastes into account.

80s is not low mate.

shikamaru317 said:

I do think it will sell less than 4 and 3 did. Afterall 4 was cross-gen and 3 had killer sales thanks to it's high 91 meta. Hard to say how much less it will sell than them though. I think it'll top out around 9m lifetime, 4 and 3 both passed 10m.

I always find it hard to remember just how good cross-generational titles have sold.