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Hirouakan said:
TheBird said:
1) Metacritic score means literally nothing, most of the critics on that website are SJW's who get offended by anything. Especially by Farcry 5 and its setting.

2) Why would you ever pre-order a Ubisoft title?

3) This game is still going to sell like a beast even if it's gameplay is more mediocre than Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Most of the reviews i've seen bashing the game spent one or two paragraphs talking about gameplay, and the rest were pretty much criticising it's political message and how it was handled. I'm not a big fan of Far Cry after 4 bored me out of my brain, but i've seen a lot of people having fun with, so i doubt it's a bad game. For those not tired of Ubisoft open-world tropes at least.

Still, 81 is not a bad score at all so in the end the good reviews are still outweighing the offended SJW.

I'm mostly glad these games will do good anyways despite the SJW trash of human beings trying to hate it, shows how insignificant their voices are in the public ear. They may call the most of us racist for buying Kingdom Come and Farcry 5, but really it's just that people want to enjoy games uncensored and without politics around every corner.

I won't get Farcry 5 because I was burnt out by Wildlands, and this is just a first person Ghost Recon Wildlands with Farcry 5 slapped on the box. But it truly isn't a bad game, just not a worthy upgrade from Wildlands in my eyes. I just hope everyone else who buys will either enjoy it or hates it for the gameplay and not the politics. Make the trash SJW's feel insignificant in their little world of make belief.