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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Goku for Smash 5? I say YES!

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Should Goku Join Smash 5?

Yes 32 44.44%
No 38 52.78%
Broly 2 2.78%
NightlyPoe said:
Let's stick with video game characters, thank you.
spemanig said:
But he's not a video game character


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Mar1217 said:
Ljink96 said:
I say yes too. I know he's not a game character, but I don't know why anyone would be literally angry that he got in. He's more popular than a lot Nintendo characters tbh and I think he'd really fit the atmosphere of the game and increase the "footprint" of Smash.

But Smash Bros isn't suppose to be about getting famous 3rd party characters that aren't even from gaming to begin with.

Let's prioritize gaming icons first, at least.

Sooo, where's my Bandana Dee reveal ??!

I know it isn't, I said that in my post, but it'd be nice to have him in. Bandanna Dee...don't really care much sadly. Smash needs wow factor characters, and uh Bandanna Dee isn't it! I just think if ever the rule is broken, Goku would be the only exception to the rule. That announcement would not only break the internet, but if it's announced at E3, would possibly win E3 for Nintendo by itself. 

But chill, it'll probably never happen but it would be the biggest character reveal for Smash...ever.

And Shrek too. Oh oh and the Incredibles family!


Geez, no! For all of these



We reap what we sow

I wouldn't want him in :p

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There are way too many characters that should go in Smash before Goku!

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That's what the game Shonen Jump J-Stars is for lol

This is likely not gonna happen. Yea, its Goku, but its Goku. He's an anime/manga character first, regardless of how many video games he has appeared in. Outside of ROB, all of the Smash Bros. fighters originated from video games. Plus, I'm sure Akira, Funimation, Toei, Bandai Namco, and Bird Studio/Shueisha would want something close to a pretty penny to officially license him to get into Smash, considering how worldwide the Dragon Ball brand is.

Snoorlax said:

I don't know bout (get it?) you guys but Goku for Smash 5 would be fuckin amazing and i don't give a shit that he's a manga character first, anime second, video game character fith. He's fuckin Goku.

I've seen some pretty ridiculous requests like Ridley,  James Bond or Cory in the House for Smash and i really don't judge, i would play with them and move on but i just don't see these characters fit in the game. Snake and Bayonetta seemed to be weird choices at first but they're actually great and i voted for Bayonetta and was happy to see her win.

So i realise most people will disagree with giving Goku a slot because he's not a videogame character first but i think he should be the exception. As long as he doesn't turn into any of that Super Saiyan God crap, no thanks, it's either just Super Saiyan... Or Super Saiyan 4.


Forget you. I want Base Goku as standard, with Super Saiyan, God, Blue, and Ultra Instinct serving as palette swaps.

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Sure, why not?

No. I'd rather have Captain Toad in Smash. CAPTAIN. TOAD.

... ok , I change my mind. Goku it is.